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    Giapo – Ice-cream art

    by Kseniia

    If you want to experience the fanciest Auckland has to offer, you go to Britomart: luxury shopping, fine dining and arguably the best ice-cream in the country – Giapo, brought to you by the beautiful Italian couple, Giapo and Annarosa.

  • New Zealand is blessed with talented, creative people. And finding someone doing something unique, special and useful is not a challenge here. Given that there is hardly any other country where launching your own business is that easy and quick, it comes as no surprise every second person we meet on a daily basis in New Zealand has his (or her) own business. And though they all are very different – from the raw desserts delivered to your doorstep to the cruelty-free beauty salons — there are two things they all share in common. Anything people do here is beneficial for the community and the environment, and is always actively supported by locals.

    Recently Alex and I had a pleasure to meet Amber Campbell, inspiring co-owner of GoodBuzz Kombucha. Of course, we couldn’t resist to ask her for some tips on turning your passion into a nationwide company:)

  • Sometimes Alex says that instead of watching YouTube vlogs, I’d better watched several recipes by Gordon Ramsay… And I thought an ability to switch on the oven without burning your house was already cool enough in this era of take aways and frozen food:) But I should admit – creativity in the kitchen is definitely not my strongest point. That is why I was really excited to meet Liv Glazebrook from the Lewis Road Creamery and learn some new delicious breakfast ideas. After all, who else could come up with something amazing if not the New Product Development Manager? Here to the next many years of the French Toast for breakfast – no creativity, remember? Well, at least this one is totally worth being a constant habit.

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