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    Perfect nude: my favorite foundations

    by Kseniia

    Beautiful, healthy skin for me is something that makes me feel confident during the day. Sometimes I can miss mascara, blush or lipstick, but never foundation. I just don’t understand why should people look at all my spots?:) Funny, but a few years ago I thought different. I only started to use make up in University and that were mascara, eye shadows and lip gloss at first. My first powder was literally imposed to me by Dior – I simply couldn’t leave without it after Dior visagist applied it on my face. Later I understood that powder is not the limit and there is something more to be done for the perfect skin.

    Foundations certainly play the leading role in my make up now (only red lipsticks can compete in number but not in importance. I’m sure that the perfect skin is a must base for all the make up. Without it everything else looks a bit comish and unfinished. I don’t believe those who say that foundation feels like a mask on their skin. They just haven’t found their own perfect one yet. Modern foundations and powders can be absolutely invisible and work perfectly at the same time.

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    by Kseniia

    Do you, girls, remember my post about red lipsticks? Seems like after this love announcement something changed in the universe and red lipsticks are now finding me without any my involvement. Once it was a gift for our editors that no one was fancy about, the other time my partners occasionally send a red perfect one to me instead of the powder we were talking about…

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