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  • Travel

    Golden Ring: Pereslavl-Zalesskiy

    by Kseniia

    Whatever happens with the weather now, it will get better one day. Cause there is summer ahead anyway:) And that would be the time, when we all will suddenly wait for new emotions, impressions and travels. Pereslavl-Zalessky is a good idea for such case. This old town between Moscow and Yaroslavl is made for a 1-2 days trip.

    Don’t know what to wait for there? Than have a look at our video and try to imagine how cool it would be there in summer. To make imagination run, watch in HD!:)

  • We met with Julia, Live Up! blog author a realy long time ago (it was the first day of that Gaudi printet Seat test-drive, as far as I can remember:) ), but somehow this interview stayed undone for many months. Well, I might have a couple of ideas, why!

    Julia is such a strong and determinated person. Three years ago she changed her life and eating habbits totally. And I’m still here, dreaming, but not making it. But let me feel shamed now! Hope, this post will make me stop finding reasons for another peace of chocolate.

  • Getting ready for Quiksilver New Star Camp in Sochi, we, honestly, had no idea what to expect for. Alesha was never on ski resort before and I only visited Switzerland, in winter, but still have never seen those in Russia. That’s why first days were all about surprising about how beautiful and wonderful was everything organized there. Right after arriving we went to the cafe-grill on the main square and enjoyed sun and delicious food there and couldn’t believe there are five more days of a pure happiness and a unique atmosphere of a great snowboarding community.

    Today I’m going to show how a vacation in Krasnaya Polyana during Quiksilver New Star Camp looks like and how much it can cost. Trust me, comming here once, you will not wish to go anywhere else!:)

  • Did you know that Tiguan – is a mixture of Tiger and Iguana? Don’t know about iguana, but there is definitely a lot from tiger in Volkswagen Tiguan. It is powerful, fast and crafty in some way. You feel like it plays with you all the time. A very interesting feeling, that we tried to show in our video-test-drive. This time we decided to film all the emotions and to compare what we, girls, firstly pay attention to and what is really important for guys. 🙂

  • Travel

    Krasnaya Polyana. Panorams

    by Kseniia
    Though Quiksilver New Star Camp runs till the 5th of April, for us it finished yesterday. And I’m currently having some kind of addiction: I don’t want to work, eat sweets all the time and waiting for the sun impatiently. I’m not sure if this post will hurt me even more or will be some kind of relief, but today I’m going to show yu some really cool panoramic photos of this camp and those crazy mountains, that surprise and inspire.
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