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October 2017

  • Fashion

    New Zealand Fashion Week shows we loved

    by Kseniia

    Despite ambitiously rating our favourite New Zealand fashion brands, me and Alex are complete noobs when it comes to local fashion scene. Imagine, how thrilled we were to visit NZFW 2017 last month and discover new names and talents! We’ve spent less than 42 hours in Auckland (not that this fashion week is ridiculously short, but that’s what you’re left with when juggling work in Tauranga with FW in Auckland). But nevertheless those two days were full of awesome people, funny situations, pleasant surprises… To be honest, I missed those moments of being busy organising your fashion schedule (morning show – coffee fix – interview – another show) like… A LOT! I’m happy to share several shots of the shows I loved the most this season.

  • During our first trip down to ‘The Heart of North Island’, Taupo wasn’t even on our radar, to be honest. We intended to spend a night there and drive to Whakapapa Skiing Resort the next morning. Avid snow fans, we couldn’t think of a better way to spend the whole weekend, rather than on the sunny beautiful slopes of Mt Ruapehu. Apparently, things don’t always go the way you pictured it. At the bottom of the mount we were greeted by a severe storm, wind, rain and snowfall – pretty much all the natural disasters you can think of. We managed to have some fun anyway, but after pouring tons of water out of all our boots, jackets and helmets and a good half an hour in a hot bath, we decided to play safe and stay in Taupo on Sunday. And God, though I definitely didn’t have enough snow this winter, I never regretted this decision. Taupo is a wonderful town with lots of exciting and unique activities.

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