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    Is it really winter?

    by Kseniia

    I honestly will never get used to winters with +18 degrees, outdoor dinners and sneakers as your warmest boots. No-no, I wasn’t a sleepy mama bear missing those freezing few days of the last week in her cozy warm bed, I do remember my teeth chattering few times in shower in the morning. But wasn’t the weekend’s sun just the best compensation?

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    New Zealand Fashion Week shows we loved

    by Kseniia

    Despite ambitiously rating¬†our favourite New Zealand fashion brands, me and Alex are complete noobs when it comes to local fashion scene. Imagine, how thrilled we were to visit NZFW 2017 last month and discover new names and talents! We’ve spent less than 42 hours in Auckland (not that this fashion week is ridiculously short, but that’s what you’re left with when juggling work in Tauranga with FW in Auckland). But nevertheless those two days were full of awesome people, funny situations, pleasant surprises… To be honest, I missed those moments of being busy organising your fashion schedule (morning show – coffee fix – interview – another show) like… A LOT! I’m happy to share several shots of the shows I loved the most this season.

  • That’s so weird – to sit on a balcony of a beautiful apartment, overlooking Auckland harbour, and to write in blog. Seriously, I remember myself constantly updating blog from new places. Yes, the last year wasn’t full of travels for us, but we don’t complain. I mean, doesn’t moving to a new country equals a life-time travel?:) Anyway, I’m typing all these words just to let you know that me and Alex are now having a time of our life at New Zealand Fashion Week. And that’s probably the main reason of my nostalgic mood:) Because this trip brought back so many memories of other Fashion Weeks, new destinations, new hotels, and midnight blog updates (God, save the extra coffee shots!). Auckland is the sixth FW city for us, so we are really curious and excited to compare local fashion week with Moscow, Milan, Riga, Tashkent, Ekaterinburg.

  • Books always had a special place in my life. I remember myself being a little girl – every day I was playing outside with my friends, secretly wishing mum to call me back home as soon as possible. Of course, I would pretend I wanted to play more – all kids did that! The only difference – they really wanted to stay outside till late while I waited impatiently for the moment I could stay alone in my bed with another book. To be honest, what exactly I was reading was never that important for me. I was equally exited to start a new adventure with a brave boy exploring Australian animals, to red encyclopedias about stars and deserts, hmm, I was even reading adult magazines that I, thank God, was too young to understand. The main point was TO READ.

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    Hello busy June!

    by Kseniia

    Did I ever mention that winter always made me feel more active, determinant and inspired than ever? I used to credit my Birthday for that (which is in December – you know, the REAL winter month, cause winter in June still seems freaking weird to me) – who wouldn’t want to achieve all the goals before setting the new ones? Idea that definitely makes you get out of your shell and do something. But this June shows me how wrong I was my whole life. Despite not having Birthday this month (I wouldn’t mind, though), I am super inspired and looking forward to all the upcoming events and opportunities anyway.

  • Do you remember that cool headpiece¬†I was wearing in Coromandel? Most of all I value it not because of its attracting attention design or an ability to pull attention away from my a tiny little bit too huge cheeks. I love it because it was created by my talented friend Anna Baturina and her equally talented (and even more hard-working, as you will also find out soon) mum. Together they are designing such an extraordinary things! Ho do you like a dish full of pasta to begin with? Or a duck that flitters when you move? The only problem is you can only wear those headpieces if you’re a close friend of Anna (others just won’t find a single store!) and I doubt they even have a brand name or a logo… I keep on asking her – why is your hobby still not a business? Time to answer in front of all of you!

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