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November 2014

  • Travel

    Amazing Borovsk phototour

    by Kseniia

    I’m such a huge fan of traveling around Russia! We may have difficulties with the present and doubts about the future, but it goes without saying we have an outstanding past, knowing and seeing which is a must for everybody. I’m especially fond of auto travels. That is the only way to understand and to feel the real life “outside MKAD”, life, that is probably more real, logic and amazing, than the one we got used to.

    After our summer huge project Live your Life, Love your City when we visited 10 Russian cities in two weeks, many of our friends refuse to travel around Russia, thinking it all takes to much time and money to organize such trip. Which is totally not true! Sometimes it can be enough to spend one day traveling, to find out domething new and interesting about our cities and people living in them. It is like that with Borovsk, where we drove on a cute Seat Leon, painted in Gaudi technique and given to us for a test-drive. This tiny city has seen great historical events which I’m now going to tell you about.

  • Recently I started to write about how to dress for a New Year night without following the stereotypes, but not forgeting the trends. Back then still excited after my workshop at Metropolis I did it easily, but I don’t like such kind of publications so much, that forcing myself to get it done took me almost a month!

    But two remaining trends are so cool and aristocratic (my new fav definition) that I just can’t allow myself to ignore them. So let’s talk about pantsuits and silk with fur mix🙂

  • TravelVideo

    Videoguide to amazing Verona

    by Kseniia

    My dears, I’m here, I’m with you, I’m still alive:) Last week was way to crazy and even my trained brain couldn’t make it: we are just back from our fantastic trip to London with Next.com.ru, just moved in our first flat with Alesha, everything seems so strange and new now, and my job is growing from busy to over-busy and I can hardly name the day of the week now, living in my own world (but that is not a complain!).

    The only thing bringing me back to reality is our blog, which accasionally turned into the guide to the past: we were here, than here, seen this, spoke about that… OK, now I can remember everything!:)

    So let’s go through the days of our honey weekend trip to Verona today. Remember them still?

  • Our short trip to Verona was probably one of the most exciting experiences this year. And not only because it was our wedding journey:) But also because of how unexpectedly strong we fell in live with this city. Of how people live here, what they see everyday, what is realy important for them. But I already told a little about that. And what I yet never mentioned is our outstanding hotel. Without it our journey was probably not even close that perfect. Or perhaps it was, but definitely not that luxurious. 🙂

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