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Videoguide to amazing Verona

by Kseniia

My dears, I’m here, I’m with you, I’m still alive:) Last week was way to crazy and even my trained brain couldn’t make it: we are just back from our fantastic trip to London with Next.com.ru, just moved in our first flat with Alesha, everything seems so strange and new now, and my job is growing from busy to over-busy and I can hardly name the day of the week now, living in my own world (but that is not a complain!).

The only thing bringing me back to reality is our blog, which accasionally turned into the guide to the past: we were here, than here, seen this, spoke about that… OK, now I can remember everything!:)

So let’s go through the days of our honey weekend trip to Verona today. Remember them still?

Please don’t forget to switch the best quality on, it’s 100% worth it!

Honestly, Alesha is not quite a fan of long videos. We often discuss it in a long talks (which he is definitely the fan of): I want to add some words, emotions to our videos, to add more and more and he is all about making trailers that are meant to only increase your interest. But this time (without my any pressure, by the way!) he made 3 minutes video from Verona, which is really huge! But I can understand, why. Though I have seen everything this about 3 weeks ago, marvelous views drive me crazy. How lucky are people living there!

How you ever thought about people born in place like that way of living? Can they ever get used to what they see everyday? Get used to the 8 centuries old areas they pass while going to work every morning? Or are they impressed every single day? I wish I could be in their shoes someday, understand them… .

I should admit living in a such historical city is obviously influating people. They have very little in common with, for example, Milan citizens. They are so outstanding, with bright personalities and even more beautiful in their ability to enjoy lives. Do you remember how italians taught main hero of “Eat, pray, love” to enjoy the moment of doing nothing? If you ever decide to try it, you should by all means visit Verona! Locals are perfect in doing this! I have yet never seen people enjoing so much while walking with the dog, reading newspapers or drinking wine. And I’m writing it not only for a beautiful phrase, but because they are really so into it!

So, Verona is an amazing place, definitely worth visiting. Even two days are enough for a full reload and mental revolution. Hope, this video won’t cause you a mental revolution, but at least will make your Friday evening a bit more colorful.

P.S. You can check my dresses and our room here and here.

Video and photo by: Alexey Trojan Spodyneyko (#TSJproduction)

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