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July 2015

  • Never forget to switch for a max quility!

    Hey there, my dear friends! If you watch this video on Friday or weekends, it means you’re just like me – more likely to spend time alone. But don’t dive too deep, otherwise you will never beat this feeling! In order to improve the situation, last weekend I joined guys to visit Alfa Future People musical festival in Nizhniy Novgorod. All last week I was electrified with an emotions I got there.

  • Oh God, guys, I think my world has changed forever yesterday! All daily routine and thoughts are now so far away, I can hardly remember them, all I can think about is to live here and now on the Alfa Future People music festival in Nizhniy Novgorod, where we have arrived thanks to an invitation of MasterCard.

  • It was my first so long flight since USA last year and of course I was all about going comfy on the road. Could I have ever expected I will be even more relaxed and happy after the trip than I even was before? Never ever yet had a such a perfect flight as with Singapore Airlines!

    On my way back I managed to make some photos to show you what was so impressive about all this:)

  • Travel

    Singapore you had no idea about

    by Kseniia

    You have seen already one of my favorite Singapore parts – Marina Bay. Though the most favorite is probably one of three local botanical gardens – amazing park, where I used to jog in the mornings. You don;t even imagine, how beautiful is it there! Exotic plants, cosy paths, bridges, made of stones, tiny rivers and wooden bridges over them, covered by plants, orchid gardens, that is higher than me, and people by the lake, meditating in the morning… Wow! Though I have no photos from there! Cause it’s not quite convenient to jig with camera:)

    But there is still a lot to be seen in other regions.

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