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Photo of the day: Finland nature seems unexpectedly familiar:)

by Kseniia

How wonderful it is to be here in Finland now! Wonderful and a little funny. The thing is this country looks so much familiar for russians: nature, farming and even furniture, that local farmers were collecting in Russia for several centuries. That is why we are not that much shoked by raspberry bushes and apple gardens, as our chineese, french, british ans spanish colleagues, that are here with us:) But anuway it is awesome here! So green, such a fresh and somehow shiny air and so easy to breath.

This week will be all about lake Saimaa – we are going to look at it from different shores, from water and of course from the air. Though the most interesting is still ahead (can’t stop thinking of today’s canoe-safari to unique seals that live only in this lake!), I can’t resist fron sharing some first impressions and photos.

The first photo was made from, can you believe it, a usual gas station, where we stopped for a small coffee break! Somewhere in between Helsinki and Mikkeli – the largest country house region in Finland. Normally around 50 000 people live here and in summer this place is boosted by locals and foreigners up to three times! This region is specially loved by russian culture workers. Yesterday we’ve been to a farm, that Valeriy Gergiev, Mariinskiy theatre director, called home for 20 seasons! And spent a night in a hotel that is a place of summer camp for young ballerinas from Vaganov academy. How impressive must be their trainings here!

So many ompressions are yet to be told! But every morning our timing starts at eight (mine – at five: for a small jogging and blog updationg), so it’s time to go now!

See you really soon!

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