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Singapore Airlines: vacations start in the sky

by Kseniia

It was my first so long flight since USA last year and of course I was all about going comfy on the road. Could I have ever expected I will be even more relaxed and happy after the trip than I even was before? Never ever yet had a such a perfect flight as with Singapore Airlines!

On my way back I managed to make some photos to show you what was so impressive about all this:)

The biggest cabin I have ever seen: 9 people in a row! And still so much space around.

All flight long you feel more like in a boutique or an elite club, not as in… public transport! Paintings on the walls, beautifull stewardesses dresseb by Pierre Balmain, who was agains big sizes in clothes by the way, so all girls are really skinny:) Their uniform is a perfect mixture of Balmain couture style and traditional peranakan clothes.

“Peranakan” can be translated from Malay as “local born”. Some people consider them to be born from international marriages (like Chineese and Malay), othersare standing only on their birth place – you’re peranakan if you were born in Singapore. text-align: justify;”>

You can always understand stewardess’ position by the color of her unifirm. Blue is for a regular ones and red is for top.

But no matter what possition they are at, they all are so nice! They are taught to not only be polite or provide people with the first medical help, like other companies’ stewardesses, but how to do make-up and hair styles, how to choose wine and many other useful knowledges we can only dream about.

Now you see why people keep on calling them leaders year after year? Thanks to that you get wider legs spot, wider seats with TV and USB-slots, unlimited food and snacks, Wi-Fi for a good price. ach passenger gets pillow, blanket, tooth kit and even warm and cozy socks.

And here is how business class looks like:

At the beginning of the flight you get warm towel and menu

But I was even more inspired by how many films they offer to watch – big book! I had enough time for a Russian language, English language and German language films on my way there.

But who cares about TV when there is still food to be talked about. It was so delicious that I couldn’t stop smiling! Oh, and by the way – they have 6 variations of vegetarian menu.

On my way to Moscow:

And breakfast:

By the way, Moscow-Singapore flights are at the same time Singapore-Houston flights with a short stop in Moscow. That is why you will probably meet a lot of interesting people all over the world on board. Like I met Columbian guy who was in Australia to learn English, travelled in Asia afterwards and now was heading to Chili for the following part of hs amazing journey. So inspiring:)

Honestly, flying with Singapore Airlines is not cheap. Be ready to pay 1 000 – 1 500 dollars for a ticket. But that is Singapore – capital of the world:) And by the way all seat not only at economy but in business class as well were booked!

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