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  • Вторая половина этого года выдалась очень богатой на поездки, а за октябрь и начало ноября мы вообще смогли побывать в трех разных частях света. В то время как Ксюша развлекалась на неделе моды в Риге (об этом она расскажет чуть позже), мне посчастливилось отправиться на Мальдивы.
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    Man’s view: St. Peter Line cruise tour

    by Alex

    Today we are happy to introduce you a man’s view on traveling. And that is because Ksusha finally agreed to let me travel alone for our blog and show you, what I’ve seen there. Not quite understanding what I’m about to do yet, I had to board on St. Peter Line ship and make myself ready for a cruise through 3 northern capitals: Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallin.

    Honeslty, we were thinking about adding some man-side posts to thestylejungle.ru for quite a long time. Well, not certainly it would be all about man. But just a little alternative views:) Because I also have something to say, by the way! Of course, first of all we decided about Tips&Tricks posts to share my knowledge in photo and video. But everything appeared to be very different and I had to try myself in a sea, while Ksusha stayed on a shore. 

  • I’m sure that boring posts earlier or later make not only readers but bloggers themselves feel tired from that blog. Recently we were looking through our favorite bloggers and realized that many of them were already done with blogging. Can you imagine that? To not be tired from your hobby, you should always try something new. New themes, new inspiration sources. Or, as we do, – new possibilities. New gadgets and the possibilities they are giving were always inspiring us to go on, to improve our quality. That is why last summer we bought DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ – flying camera, giving us way new views in photos and videos.

    Since then we’ve been friquently asked if it was worth it and if it’s difficult to fly with?

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