All BMW’s we’ve ever had for test-drive

by Alex

As you know, in February and March we’re test-driving BMW X3. But if you follow us for some time already, you know it’s far not the first time we get to drive ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’ from Germany. In this article, we’re looking back at all BMW cars we ever had a pleasure to get up close and personal with.

During our ongoing friendship with BMW, we had an opportunity to drive almost all cars from its range including i3, 2 Series, M2, 3 Series, M3, 5 Series, 7 Series, X3, X4 and X5. There were 5 cars we spent quite some time with and one car we had a very brief but strong connection with so we couldn’t take it out from this list.

1.    BMW X4 (F26, first generation)

Our love story with BMW started back in 2016, when we took this hot red (or Melbourne Red if you want the official name of this colour) car on a crazy ride to Russia’s biggest music festival Alfa Future People. Stuffing eye-catching car with a bunch of DJ’s and music lovers is apparently a perfect recipe to create that special vibe around the brand you’ll never forget. No matter what were we doing that week – testing its speed limits, getting stuck in traffic jams, losing our way off-road or even sleeping in a car waiting for the most persistent friends to get back from the dancefloor – BMW X4 managed to exceed all expectations. We’ve tested and owned quite a lot of cars since but X4 will forever remain our favourite!

2.    BMW M235i (F22, 2 Series Coupé)

This attractive sports coupé was a perfect partner for all the meetings and gatherings we had in Moscow a week before moving to New Zealand. It’s obviously more compact than X4 but since we didn’t need to drive a group of our friends anymore, we couldn’t ask for more. M235i looks great, is amazing to drive, sounds really good, consumes less petrol compared with actual M2 – exactly what was needed for a young couple. As you probably know, there is no M235i in product line-up now, this model was replaced with M240i which has 13 extra horsepowers.

3.    BMW X4 (G02, second generation)

To be honest, it wasn’t even a proper test-drive. We only had this car for a day, but it felt so special to be back in the X4 and to be the first in New Zealand to test-drive this new model that had only just arrived in the country! You see now, we just couldn’t skip this experience in this article.

4.    BMW X5 (G05, fourth generation)

If this article wasn’t in chronological order, this car and experience, in general, could probably be on top of the list. Because it was super special. To test this car out I was invited to visit the official New Zealand media launch in Australia. It was my first time in this country and it was so amazing to see the car for the first time, participate in workshops, have driving experience on Tasmanian roads and meet a lot of good people. The car itself is absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait to have it for a longer test here in New Zealand.

5.    BMW X4 (G02, second generation)

Well, hello again, hot red (now called Flamenco Red) babe! Two years later we take the twin of our first BMW to Taranaki for an adventurous weekend. We drove through Forgotten World Highway and explored New Plymouth – all thanks to this beast on four wheels. Two years might not sound like a lot, but God had this car evolved since we met each other back in 2016! It now keeps the lane, holds the distance from the car in front, spots road signs, adjusts speed limit and has lots of other smart features. I kid you not, give Bavarian manufacturers a few more years – and these cars will outsmart us! But at the same time, this car has everything we loved so much in the previous generation – sporty silhouette, seats-so-comfortable-I-can-live-in-this-car, amazing multimedia system, super smooth suspension and it’s so fun to drive.

6.    BMW X3 (G01, third generation)

As you already know, we now have this beauty parked by our house and in the next six weeks we’re of course going to travel, film and share our opinion on yet unfamiliar to us BMW model. We’ll be updating our diary page, so stay tuned!

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