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    It’s not always about the destination

    by Kseniia

    Exploring new destinations makes our heart beat faster. But let’s be honest, no matter how beautiful, extraordinary and unusual is what we’re about to see, it’s not only the final destination that makes us happy and free. The road, the anticipation can be equally sweet and uplifting. Be it those precious hours on a plane, when you’re disconnected from the rest of the world and all you can think about is how you’ll land on an unknown territory in a few hours. Or a wonderful road trip with the warm wind in your hair, endless snacks in a car and your favourite music playing so loud you can’t even hear ourself singing.

  • When you meet one of Mini cars, it’s like you meet your old friend. You want to ask: “How are you?”, because you understand that a lot of things changed from your last meeting. But you still have a lot of good memories to share. Because we were travelling together across beautiful wineries in Krasnodar Regionexploring traditional handicrafts of Moscow Region in Russia. And that time was awesome because we were together. This new Mini Cooper S Convertible 2017 is like your old friend who still looks very stylish and fast.

  • A lot of people like to travel by car. This is because of freedom and comfort of this kind of travel. We are huge fans of car travels and call them "Road adventures". You obviously can’t call us car experts. But we have an experience of driving a lot of cars, so we can compare them.

    We are trying not only to drive these cars, but to plan a trip to beautiful places and to share a story about it. And the car is the thing that makes this trips comfortable and unforgettable. That is why today I want to recall the 10 best test-drives we had and all the trips we have done by these cars.

  • How often did you have a chance to see the sceneries that changed your life forever? How often did you visit places, that immediately earned their special place in your heart? I’m a very emotional person and do always get impressed by everything I see – starting with an unusual cafe on a bridge above the road in Finland up to the cosy little castle in Latvia, currently turned into a hotel. I try to remember every detail of a journey that became really special to me (add Israel to Finland and Latvia, that I have already mentioned) and wait impatiently for the moment when something will click in brains and I will understand that that was not just another beautiful country, not just a city I would recommend others to visit, but a unique experience that will make me happy each time I will think about it later. Krasnodarskij region is exactly like that. Mine, special.

  • Taking an unfamiliar car for a ride to another town is like traveling with your Tinder-partner, that you have never met before: you can either fall in love or begin to hate each other& Luckily, Suzuki Vitara was the first option. Stylish red (well, ours was red, but they have 9 colors to choose from) car was made for a young audience, that treats autos as something more than just a car. More likely as a part of theyr colorful, dynamic life. And I had such a great pleasure to imagine, that I have some kind of it too:) 

  • You know, what a huge fan of everything with history and unique atmosphere I am. Like my beloved ROXY, that unite sporty girls from all over the world. Or Romana’s Pilates – a workout I visited today, that turned to be the only workout in Russia to be called true pilates, as it was invented by Josef Pilates. He invented some crazy equipment, looking more like torturing machines, to effectively train professional athletes, ballerinas as well as injured people. It took almost 12 years for local trainers to bring this system to Russia! Isn’t it just cool to be a part of this world? Or here is one more example – beauty-brand Eisenberg from Monaco: they were working on their unique and super effective cream formula for seven years, before starting the production in France. It definitely makes the process of applying the cream more valuable, agree?

    That’s why I was so excited about test-driving Hyundai Solaris in fall. The thing is this brand really has a special history in Russia, and, what’s more, we received a limited edition car “500 000″^ devoted to half a million cars, sold in Russia. So, let’s have a look a little closer:) 

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