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    Test-drive of Seat leaving Russia in 2015

    by Kseniia

    In November the news that Seat is leaving Russia in 2015 suddenly were announced. It was yet before we found out that Hyundai, Ford, Opel, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and some other serious market players are stopping new orderst to our country in order to find out the economy situation. So everything sounded unrealistic. I’m not sure if there is any brand in auto-world that is so unlucky with Russian market as Seat, cause it’s there’s forth decidion to leave the country by now! But today we can say that it was quite predictable as they only sold a little more than thousand autos this year.

    So we decided to take the last chance and drive a possitive and funny Seat Leon colored in Gaudi style to Borovsk – city l already wrote about

  • What an impatient and responsible friends I have! A couple of days ago I promised to show you my London outfit and you kept reminding all this days! You making me feel ashamed:) But honestly I was so eager to show you this photos myself, because they are so sunny and warm! Hope they will make you feel a little better and warmer today!

  • Paul&Joe Sister brand has collaborated with Disney, making a small collection of cute T-shirts devoted to “Aristocats” cartoon heroes. And I’m so proud to be one of the bloggers from all over the world represanting this collection to you, considering I’m such a huge fan of everything fluffy and purring. 🙂

  • Our short trip to Verona was probably one of the most exciting experiences this year. And not only because it was our wedding journey:) But also because of how unexpectedly strong we fell in live with this city. Of how people live here, what they see everyday, what is realy important for them. But I already told a little about that. And what I yet never mentioned is our outstanding hotel. Without it our journey was probably not even close that perfect. Or perhaps it was, but definitely not that luxurious. 🙂

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    Riga Fashion Week. Last season

    by Kseniia

    New season of Riga Fashion Week has just started. Sadly, I’m not there this time due to my job. But I’m happy to announce that my lovely Masha and Yana are covering it, so I at least can follow them. And in order not to feel such an outsider, I decided to show you this small video about our last season. Can you imagine, how hard it was to fit all that wonderful 5 days in a small video?:) Hope we managed to do it.

  • I want to be honest with you. Be ready for several traveling posts in a row. That is how I try to shut my conscience blaming me for the small number of posts brought from different travels up. That is what happened to me after watching our Russian journey with American Eagle Outfitters, my trip to Czech with Skoda and Israel with Sela videos in a row (that is how it always works with me – as I only start, I can never stop). Though being so irresponsible, I still have smth new and interesting to show. 

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    Video: Czech through Skoda window

    by Kseniia

    I still can’t quite believe that this trip was for real (and that I managed to do so much faces in front of the camera in two days). Till the meeting with Skoda representatives at the airport I was thinking of it as of the dream! Seriously, how was I chosen among all bloggers? And how could it be press tour organized by the car I was driving for almost 3 years?

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    Fall: new Fashion 2 Customer collection

    by Kseniia

    Hi, my dears! This is our first meeting this fall and I wonder what I feel more – happyness because of the reason of this post or sorry for being silent for so long. But let’s begin with the first one – yet in April we shooted outfit from fall collections of Fashion 2 Customer show-room in New York. And the last 4 months were like a hell for me, cause I just couldn’t wait for so long to show you the results! I have no idea how models can wait for their campaigns for half a year! Or designers who are not only waiting for the season but even for their show before that? Or fabrics designers, who even have to wait for designers to pick their fabrics before that? It must be the most torturing job on the world!

    But now I present the coolest and most comfortable fall clothes with great pleasure!

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