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  • This spring Gorky Gorod resort hosted absolutely crazy Quiksilver New Star Camp. Thousands of snowboarders from all over the country – starting with the pro’s with the list of sponsors as long as my life up to beginners (like us!) – came there for an outstanding mega-ride and to have a great time in a marvelous landscapes of Sochi mountains.

    I get over excited while writing this! Every morning running through the resort, every day clumbing into endless lift and every evening while enjoying sweets at the room balcony, I couldn’t stop admiring this beauty and the warmest, friendly atmosphere. And I’m so happy to share it all with you now:)

  • Masada (or “Mezada”, as locals call it) is one of the most amzing places in Israel. Ancient fortress, built before our century, which is situated on an inaccessible rock in a middle of Judean desert on a Dead Sea shore. Just imagine: 400 meters of steep slopes all around and just a tiny Snake path, that unites Masada with the rest of the world! I honestly have no idea how people could have found this place and buit there anything so progressive.

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    Arkhangelskoe Palace from above (video included)

    by Kseniia

    Last couple of days are full of sun here in Moscow, so we couldn’t miss such a wonderful chance. Alesha wanted to shoot Arkhangelskoe for a long time, because this place is really special for him – he has spend his childhood here, which I can hardly believe in! Almost a royal person. And I only visited this place when we already started dating. Shame on me! But it’s that case, when the past is not really important, what is more vital is that today we both are fond of coming here.

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    Israel video-tour. Part I: Jerusalem

    by Kseniia

    I’m sooo out of my comfort zone posting this video, you can’t even imagine! I even have no idea what to start with! With an interesting facts about Jerusalem? With a funny stories about me trying to learn how to make videos while holding 3 recording devices in my hands at the same time? Or with all my thanks to Alesha, who managed to turn my crazy shootings into a normally looking video? Or with one more really funny thing?..

  • Don’t forget to choose the maximum quality for this video!

    I quite understand, why Carlton hotel in St.Moritz has invited us in this short period of winter low season right in between Christmas with the traditional polo on ice that followed, and an epic gastro fest with the Michelin stars chiefs coming from all over the world ahead. During this events it’s just impossible to find a free room there:)

    But it would be wrong to decide there is nothing to do during the low season. Except for riding, of course:) First of all, St.Moritz is a worth visiting place for the shopping fans (what you can easily notice in my video) and secondly they are turning 150 years this year, so there are always some kind of celebrations!

  • Please, do not forget to choose the best quality!

    So, my dears, do you still manage to follow me – from Switzerland to Israel and back?:) Just a quick remind: you can always find latest photos in my Instagram: @thestylejungle_marieclaireru. There is very sunny there right now, so if you want to switch conditions, you are warmly welcomed to watch this winter video from the wonderful Arosa. 

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    I bet, you will never watch it till the end!:)

    by Kseniia

    Don’t forget to switch onto the max quality!

    Hi, friends! How are you there? Me personaly – really cool, cause we finally made the video from our London trip, which I was so fansy to see, because there is so much interesting (for me) and so much beautiful (for everyone). I’ve already told you a lot about this journey. Starting from the main purpose –  Next.com.ru presentation up to my impressions from the city that has stolen my heart, so let’s just have a look now:)

  • TravelVideo

    Videoguide to amazing Verona

    by Kseniia

    My dears, I’m here, I’m with you, I’m still alive:) Last week was way to crazy and even my trained brain couldn’t make it: we are just back from our fantastic trip to London with Next.com.ru, just moved in our first flat with Alesha, everything seems so strange and new now, and my job is growing from busy to over-busy and I can hardly name the day of the week now, living in my own world (but that is not a complain!).

    The only thing bringing me back to reality is our blog, which accasionally turned into the guide to the past: we were here, than here, seen this, spoke about that… OK, now I can remember everything!:)

    So let’s go through the days of our honey weekend trip to Verona today. Remember them still?

  • So much time have passed since our second summer festival video! I wonder where it all gone?:) With me it’s always like this: you make shooting, become excited about how you post it and then…:)

    But anyway today I’mgoing to show you how cool it was at “Picnic “Afisha” this year (though Alesha would probably not agree with me cause he never liked this event). And how cool it was to visit it in right shoes!

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