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    Lapland – Winter Wonderland

    by Kseniia

    Best moment of the last winter? An opportunity to see the real winter. White fairy tale of Lapland. Honestly, before our trip to Finland I couldn’t even imagine, that snow level can be higher than a human. Just imagine, walking a narrow path in between, seeing nothing except for the snowdrifts around and a tiny piece of the world ahead.

  • There is no other country on Earth that can be equally attractive all the year round. Finland is absolutely unique. You can’t resist visiting it in summer to spend nights in front of the bonfires and lakes, to meet those foggy sunrise and pick berries right under your foots, to take a canoe ride across the river or try the most delicious salmon, that was still swimming a couple of hours ago. And you also want to return here badly in winter – to see the prefect winter, where Christmas is born, to have a reindeer ride or jump into the snow right from the sauna, to kindle the fireplace and have warm talks with locals, while eating hot soups. 

    We are back from our one week long journey to Finland, feeling so much love and passion to this country. I hope, our videos, that we posted on a channel every day, will show you it better, than any words. I’m now going to show all of them at once! Time to fall in love with Finland:)

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    Winter Suzdal from above

    by Kseniia

    Don’t know why, but we more often visit Russian cities in winter than in summer. Especially those of the “Golden Ring”. A year ago we went to Pereslavl-Zalesskiy and Yroslavl, and last December I visited Suzdal after an invitation of our partners – Kiehl’s, who invited me to be a photographer, videographer and a DJ in their press-tour.

    There is a very special magic in traveling around our country in winter, cause this season is probably the most authentic for Russia. Seriosly, ask any foreigner, what he knows about our country, and he will probably name winter and cold weather among the main stereotypes.

  • October 2015 is a starting point for a a new Skoda Superb sales in Russia. The familiar car now got a sharper and more prestigious design as well as many additional options (like cruise control, tracking system, system of a driver fatigue control, climate control for 3 zones and a multimedia system, that works perfectly with Apple and Android smartphones), saying nothing about some luxury details like panoramic roof, umbrella holders in front doors and a LED flashlight.

    Traditionally, this upgrade preceded by a long tizer campaign and huge events in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. But today we finally want to show you how this Skoda Superb 2015 actually looks like and what it’s like to drive in it.

    We had a chance to test Skoda Superb 2015 in Czech, during a huge test-drive, where almost 50 journalists and bloggers from Russia took part in.

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    Sponsored video: destination – Monaco

    by Kseniia

    Cote d’Azur today is some kind of an allegory for a luxury type of living or holidays. I’m sure, you have also used this words meaning not a particular geographical place, but everything the most outstanding and perfect what is possible to imagine while having a journey. And what if Monaco is not only an abstract Heaven on Earth but a very real tourist destination?

  • I want to be honest with you – I couldn’t even imagine it was so hard to produce timelapse video! After Alesha asked me to help him, I felt so much pain in my back and legs… And all that for just 30 SECONDS! Beautiful, but such a short result…

    So why is it actually so hard? 

  • Don’t forget, that it’s better to watch this video in best quality (search for a button in a right bottom part of player)!

    To tell you the truth, I planned to post this video tomorrow, but somehow my body refused to take a nap (let’s see what my brain will think about it tomorrow at 10 in the morning during the first meeting!), so, my dear midnight guests, let’s meditate on this peaceful video with a beautiful Saimaa lake nature in Finland together. And hope for happy and colorful dreams:)

  • Never forget to switch for a max quility!

    Hey there, my dear friends! If you watch this video on Friday or weekends, it means you’re just like me – more likely to spend time alone. But don’t dive too deep, otherwise you will never beat this feeling! In order to improve the situation, last weekend I joined guys to visit Alfa Future People musical festival in Nizhniy Novgorod. All last week I was electrified with an emotions I got there.

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