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Video from Arosa (that is in Switzerland, as we already know)

by Kseniia

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So, my dears, do you still manage to follow me – from Switzerland to Israel and back?:) Just a quick remind: you can always find latest photos in my Instagram: @thestylejungle_marieclaireru. There is very sunny there right now, so if you want to switch conditions, you are warmly welcomed to watch this winter video from the wonderful Arosa. 

I’ve already told you, how strongly impressed by Arosa I was. By its welcoming, warm attitute, that feeling of a cozy community and, of course, epic nature. I really think, I could have walked there for ages. That’s why walking tour through the mountains is my favorite part of video (it starts aprox. in the middle), but you may as well enjoy observing that cozy little town still full of Christmas mood at the beginning.

You know, what… During this two trips, that happened so close to each other, but were so different, I really thought a lot about how much traveling means for humans. That opportunity to explore the world, to enrich ourselves, to learn. I mean not the historical facts told by the guides, but those emotions, that we are feeling during the trip. They are absolutely unique and are vital! They are bringing something new to our way of thinking. Aren’t you becoming a little better after seeing ancient mountains for the first time? Or swimming in a waterfalls? Or shouting in forest and listening to your echo? Do you understand, what I’m talking about?

An opportunity to see the world is like reading books. That is another Universe, but our inner Universe is empty without this one. When I’m not traveling I always look through other travelers’ Instagrams or blogs and try to imagine I’ve seen what they see with my own eyes. I try to understand, what can a person feel in front of the endless skies reflecting in a sea or a giant iceberg?

So tell me, what was your biggest traveling impression ever? Not only the view but an experience, a challenge? I want a bite of your Universe:)

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