Home Video Arkhangelskoe Palace from above (video included)

Arkhangelskoe Palace from above (video included)

by Kseniia

Last couple of days are full of sun here in Moscow, so we couldn’t miss such a wonderful chance. Alesha wanted to shoot Arkhangelskoe for a long time, because this place is really special for him – he has spend his childhood here, which I can hardly believe in! Almost a royal person. And I only visited this place when we already started dating. Shame on me! But it’s that case, when the past is not really important, what is more vital is that today we both are fond of coming here.

This shooting was, by the way, also made here. So you have already seen Arkhangelskoe with a human eyes and not it’s turn for a new emotions. Though today the therritory is not that impressing as it can be in summer, for example.But anyway it looks great.

As always, please, turn on the max quality of the video (it can be done on the right from the timer). Enjoy the show!

Photos and video by: Aleksey Trojan Spodyneyko (#TSJproduction)

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