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May 2016

  • Бывают такие места, которые не значатся ни в одном шорт-листе желанных направлений для путешествий. Бывают такие поездки, от которых не ждешь ничего сверхъестественного, просто хочешь повидать друзей. Но в итоге после трехдневных прогулок с открытым от восторга ртом возвращаешься домой совершенно другим человеком. Такое случилось с нами в Воронеже, где мы с Алешкой открыли для себя старинные как сам мир меловые горы с фантастическими видами на квинтэссенцию русской природы, прогулялись по замку принцессы (точнее, вокруг него) и вообще, узнали и увидели много нового и невероятного. Ищите новые маршруты? Тогда обязательно посмотрите наше видео о самых удивительных достопримечательностях Воронежа!

  • Rainy season is almost over in Thailand and India is already welcoming Russian tourists with much awaited +35. And it doesn’t really matter, when equatorial countries do actually have the best climate, summer for us means vacations! So, Singapore nightclubs and Malay islands – be ready for an invasion of red, exfoliating, puffy Russians. Not that I do not believe in our natural beauty, it’s just that most of the people do never think in advance if they will need any additional skincare for a tropical holiday. Let’s have a look what might you really need except for the SPF 50+ (I never use a lower one, do you?), your favorite skincare products and cosmetics.

  • A couple of weeks ago I decided to spend one of the first warm Saturdays discovering a new for me place in Moscow – Izmaylovo Kremlin. This walk might have at least two minuses. The first one is the weather – it was still not that welcoming that day, as a result – no sky on photos and a big cup of coffee to warm up. And the second one is the fact that Kremlin was only built in a year 2003, so it’s not much more than a tourist’s object. Though it looks quite realistic, far from those decorations of Disneyland villages, for example. An authentic place! So be ready to come here not for history (even despite that it was the place where Peter the First have started Russian fleet), but just to explore those colorful and very traditional decorations, to read a book by the pond and just to enjoy your own thoughts.

  • We’ve often been told, that we’re so lucky to share the same passion to travel. Honestly, I have no idea how can someone not share a passion to travel not share his soulmates passion, because what can be more valuable, than living the same special moment together with a person who thinks like you and sees the world like you. You know, I trully do think that within the time the partners of female travelers become an important part of their blogs. And I’m not saying about those “+1” travel situations, but about being in a spotlight or even growing bigger, than a founder (like it happened with our profiles in Instagram). Don’t you thibk so? Well, than just have a look at those wonderful couples, who inspire us to always travel together!

  • During this May holidays I had a chance to visit one of the most valuable sport events in Russia – Gran-Prix Formula-1. And despite being an old fan, even I was impressed by how everything was organized. Formula-1 weekend is not just about the rides, but also about thousands of different concerts, parties, shootings, celebs and that incredible atmosphere. 

  • Impossible to visit Paris without observing it from the Eiffel Tower or be in Venice and not to swim through its channels on a cute gondola. There are a lot of cities where those classical routes are a must. But there are also such places on Earth, that are worth visiting not because of their sights, but firstly because of the unique atmosphere, welcoming locals and their stories, long walks, tasty food and a brand new reality. Lots of them are situated in European countries like Italy, Spain or Portugal, but today I’m going to tell about only five, that we have visited in person.  

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