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5 cities to visit not because of the sights

by Kseniia

Impossible to visit Paris without observing it from the Eiffel Tower or be in Venice and not to swim through its channels on a cute gondola. There are a lot of cities where those classical routes are a must. But there are also such places on Earth, that are worth visiting not because of their sights, but firstly because of the unique atmosphere, welcoming locals and their stories, long walks, tasty food and a brand new reality. Lots of them are situated in European countries like Italy, Spain or Portugal, but today I’m going to tell about only five, that we have visited in person.  


Many people were disappointed in Milan because they were expecting history going live after reading about Duomo or Castello Sforzesco. Those visitors are frequently not really welcomed by the second largest city in Italy: cold and windy weather, not so tidy streets, strange people in front of small shops. And that is all just because you’d better enter Milan without high tourists expectations. People lo live, work and relax in the evenings, so only after fitting the same schedule (ok, probably except for working) you can truly understand this city. And fall in love forever.


Sunny Florida, where people do never overcome the speed limit that is only 40 kms/h just because they are chillin’ and are not in a hurry. Yes, you can always take a ride to celebrities villas or visit some modern art museums… If only find enough stamina to leave warm sand, where you’re chillin with a giant ice creamе and a green smoothie. The best thing in Miami is just to do what you feel like doing at the moment – swimming in a pool, reading a magazine or just… Ah, it doesn’t matter, just relax! 


One of our favorite destinations ever! And probably the most boring Scandinavian capital, according to what people think. There is much to be seen in Helsinki, but obviously you won’t find such fairy nordic atmosphere as in Stockholm, for example. And I have no idea why, but it was always windy and moody in Helsinki all those three times I was there:) But somehow you start missing this cosy place after leaving it. Have you ever noticed how cool it is – to walk again through the familiar streets, without being afraid to get lost?


Probably a bit unexpected to see this town in here, agree? Verona is so historical and worth visiting! But after spending the best weekend without any plans and aims in here, we understood, thatit was exactly the way to spend the time in Verona. This city id full of romance, pastry and cheese aromas, they sell giant boxes with fruits and berries in here and gentlemen walk with their tiny dogs and in the evenings you can just have delicious italian lunch under the stars, while sitting in an old cafe with square printed tablecloth, and head to the hotel, where the freshly made bed and some sweets are already waiting for you. Isn’t it marvelous?


Located on the very edge of Sweden, this cosy town is the best of it in a highest concentration: musical festivals, historical ships and buildings, tiny shops of the handmade masters or a giant malls of local and international brands, cosy democratic cafes and refined restaurants. What is the best about Gothenburg? No one expects from you to visit the sights if you do not want to! Just choose whatever you really like!

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