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February 2017

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    Saint-Petersburg palaces: Oranienbaum

    by Kseniia

    In search for peace and sophistication while in Saint-Petersburg go no further than Oranienbaum palace. I have visited 5 impressive royal residences around our Northern capital and can definitely say – this one is my favorite. Nothing compares with its tranquility, especially when you know, the crowded and hectic Petergofis just around the corner. And what I especially loved during our last visit is that you can actually bike around Oranienbaum – makes the process of exploring the enormous territory way easier.

  • Let’s admit it – this world runs on food! Seriously, what is always a must do activity while traveling? To try local cuisine! You might not even think of local dances, local designers or local way of shaking hands (who knows?), but you are always looking forward to some new culinary experiences. And what do we do when we’re upset? Eat sweets! Ok, some of us do think shopping works better in that case, but after hours and hours of strolling around the mall you will anyway find yourself buying a large box of donuts with some naughty plans on those bad boys, aren’t you? And finally, what do we normally get as a present when we’re unsure about the tastes of the Birthday person? A bottle of wine and candies (that is how it’s normally done in Russia, at least). Guess, you got the idea – we explore the world and create memories through food. So make sure you choose the best places while traveling. Here are my recommendations on where to eat in Hawke’s Bay.

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