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  • As you guys know, besides writing about our travels in blog, we also write quite a lot of travel articles for different New Zealand and worldwide magazines. In 2018, our texts and photos were published in six New Zealand magazines and two websites from another countries. All together it was about 30 articles!

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    Highlights of 2018

    by Kseniia

    December is a month of memories and summaries. And though 2018 definitely had some lows, I must admit, looking back at everything that happened to us in the past 12 month makes me incredibly happy and proud. Here are a few highlights I really-really can’t resist going through once again.

  • About theStyleJungle

    New theStyleJungle

    by Kseniia

    Welcome to the NEW theStyleJungle! I can’t believe it’s the third time in my life I’m typing this phrase already. 1 December, 2018 marks not only the day when we launch new design but also the day of the new theStyleJungle content-wise.

  • You guys might probably remember how excited we were in December, when the summer UNO. magazine issue was published. The reason? It contains 3 articles written by me with the photos taken by Alex. How awesome is that? And as soon as all the articles are now available online, I thought it would be nice to show you them in blog as well.

  • What a news! Recently I’ve received lates copy of Office Magazine (july – august 2015) with a page devoted to me and my travel wardrobe. Sooo nice! And because of that I just can’t not to show you all the shooting we made for this article.

  • Ох, как же летом весело и интересно жить все-таки! Я не понимаю, как это происходит: вроде и от ночи почти ничего не осталось – в 12 еще не совсем темно, в 2 уже почти светло – а дня все равно не хватает, чтобы сделать все, что задумываешь себе:) У вас также, скажите?

    Пока, вот, у меня выдалась минуточка перед интересным мероприятием о здоровье, спешу показать вам последний номер онлайн-журнала Feliz с небольшой публикацией о моих спортивных увлечениях.

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