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    Wallpapers: Skoda oldtimers in Czech landscapes

    by Alex

    Freankly speaking, we became such a huge fans of those old and cute Skoda cars, that even after historical and outfit posts, we decided to make one more. This time – without any long texts, but with something really useful instead. We made a couple of wallpapers with Skoda oldtimers and Czech landscapes! 

  • 1905 was the year when the first Laurin&Klement auto left the factory in Mlada-Boleslav, more famous as Skoda nowadays. A Voiturette weighted about half a tonne and had a speed up to 40 km/h. Also it was ver loud:)

    As far as you could have already understood, today I’m going to show you some retro autos by Skoda. Girls, trust me, it’s even better than a vintage! I’ll do my best to present the history step by step, starting with this absolutely adorable little one, of course! 

  • October 2015 is a starting point for a a new Skoda Superb sales in Russia. The familiar car now got a sharper and more prestigious design as well as many additional options (like cruise control, tracking system, system of a driver fatigue control, climate control for 3 zones and a multimedia system, that works perfectly with Apple and Android smartphones), saying nothing about some luxury details like panoramic roof, umbrella holders in front doors and a LED flashlight.

    Traditionally, this upgrade preceded by a long tizer campaign and huge events in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. But today we finally want to show you how this Skoda Superb 2015 actually looks like and what it’s like to drive in it.

    We had a chance to test Skoda Superb 2015 in Czech, during a huge test-drive, where almost 50 journalists and bloggers from Russia took part in.

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    90 years later: Skoda 110

    by Kseniia

    In a year 1925 on a Laurin&Klement factory, that was going through a great connection with a Skoda concern at that moment, in Czech city of Mlada-Boleslav a new car was made. It appeared to be a true symbol of that period in a brand history, cause had two names on it: “Laurin&Klement” on a radiator enclosure and “Skoda” – a little higher. Isn’t it just a perfect moment to produce such car, when the world itself was in a middle of going from the new to the newest age of history?

    We had a chance to get know it better during our trip to Czech with Skoda this summer. Old cars of the brand were waiting for us in a romantic Loucen castle. 

  • Many people don’t get why are we so addicted to car travels. But when you only seen the world from the car window, you immediately understand, that there is no better way to fall in love with it. Czech from this side is all about amazing pastoral views, that give you harmony and piece, neat villages with a mandatory breweries, where elderly people ride segways, and here you finally understand what really matters in this life, also about marvelous trdelnik smell and 160 km/hour to skip extra calories:)

    I suppose, people should visit Czech exactly for this – rashy, always too short, but oh so emotional autojourney. And thanks to Skoda I could share my this summer journey with Alesha.

  • Did you know that Tiguan – is a mixture of Tiger and Iguana? Don’t know about iguana, but there is definitely a lot from tiger in Volkswagen Tiguan. It is powerful, fast and crafty in some way. You feel like it plays with you all the time. A very interesting feeling, that we tried to show in our video-test-drive. This time we decided to film all the emotions and to compare what we, girls, firstly pay attention to and what is really important for guys. 🙂

  • CarsOur works

    Test-drive of Seat leaving Russia in 2015

    by Kseniia

    In November the news that Seat is leaving Russia in 2015 suddenly were announced. It was yet before we found out that Hyundai, Ford, Opel, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and some other serious market players are stopping new orderst to our country in order to find out the economy situation. So everything sounded unrealistic. I’m not sure if there is any brand in auto-world that is so unlucky with Russian market as Seat, cause it’s there’s forth decidion to leave the country by now! But today we can say that it was quite predictable as they only sold a little more than thousand autos this year.

    So we decided to take the last chance and drive a possitive and funny Seat Leon colored in Gaudi style to Borovsk – city l already wrote about

  • I want to be honest with you. Be ready for several traveling posts in a row. That is how I try to shut my conscience blaming me for the small number of posts brought from different travels up. That is what happened to me after watching our Russian journey with American Eagle Outfitters, my trip to Czech with Skoda and Israel with Sela videos in a row (that is how it always works with me – as I only start, I can never stop). Though being so irresponsible, I still have smth new and interesting to show. 

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