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Video: Czech through Skoda window

by Kseniia

I still can’t quite believe that this trip was for real (and that I managed to do so much faces in front of the camera in two days). Till the meeting with Skoda representatives at the airport I was thinking of it as of the dream! Seriously, how was I chosen among all bloggers? And how could it be press tour organized by the car I was driving for almost 3 years?

About our programm and my emotions from driving new for me models I started to tell here and will definitely continue soon! And now let me just be a girl and tell you about what was so important for me in this trip.

First of all, it was my first time to visit Czech. And I had a chance to see the country the way I love it the most: through the car window. There is something very special – romantic and emotional – in all that road trips. You suddenly start to understand how big and beautiful our world is and how probably small and unimportant all your problems are. I guess, all my dzen and “world piece” emotions appeared because of such kind of journeys.

Czech is the perfect country for this type of travelling. With it’s marvelous landscapes (that are somehow become even more beautiful as you go further from Prague), perfect roads where you can easily go 160 km per hour while tunning radio and eating apple at the same time, and incredible old towns that look like they are just came from fairy.

Secondly, girls, this trip was a real blog tour! Seriously, they invited only bloggers! And it was even called Skoda Bloggers Driving Experience. How cool is that? Sometimes I feel like my head goes round while thinking that such huge brands really think of our opinion as of an important one, though we are only that people who had too much creativity and decided to waste it in internet. Think about it each time you decide to quit or loose your motivation. By the way, they are thinking of doing this tours regulary!:)

But to be really serious, I must say that this trip was probably my best blogging experience ever. I learned so much from the others! To begin with, I was the only lifestyle blogger (and the only girl, which I’m especially proud of) there. Other guys have auto or travel blogs and they are so determinated in what they’ve been doing, that I even felt a little embarassed of myself.

From the very first minute of our tour they started to work: tested cars, asked questions, shared experience and shooted everything. I can’t even explain that feeling when you see a person asking to sit in the museum car that is as old as my grandma is to understand how people felt there, and the cameraman immediately starts to shoot his speech. And that feeling when someone calls to say they will miss the excursion cause they want to make a couple of car shots at the sunset which is right now. Or gets up at 4 in the morning for the same reason. But most of all I was impressed by how they were riding in two cars to shoot videos for each other. I even asked to join them and show it all to you! Such a shame I can’t share all the jokes, born during this ride:) Saying nothing about the moment when everyone decided to share their future posts during the dinner in order not to write similar ones and to have good reasons to share links at each other.

I honestly even a bit jealous because of their fun, friendly and professional attitude. And if no brand from our theme will do anything like this for us to show all we can together, I swear, I will do it myself! You know I can:)

And finally I want to thank Skoda team for all that warmth and attention they made this trip with. When we entered the new city, they were already waiting for us with Skoda flags at parking space and banners in every restaurant or hotel, there were printed maps in a car as well, but sometimes we didn’t even know where we are going next, because they already set the navigator for us and all we had to do was to turn wheel in a right time. And by the way, there was food in a car. And that is definitely how they got me:)

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