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September 2015

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    90 years later: Skoda 110

    by Kseniia

    In a year 1925 on a Laurin&Klement factory, that was going through a great connection with a Skoda concern at that moment, in Czech city of Mlada-Boleslav a new car was made. It appeared to be a true symbol of that period in a brand history, cause had two names on it: “Laurin&Klement” on a radiator enclosure and “Skoda” – a little higher. Isn’t it just a perfect moment to produce such car, when the world itself was in a middle of going from the new to the newest age of history?

    We had a chance to get know it better during our trip to Czech with Skoda this summer. Old cars of the brand were waiting for us in a romantic Loucen castle. 

  • Video

    Sponsored video: destination – Monaco

    by Kseniia

    Cote d’Azur today is some kind of an allegory for a luxury type of living or holidays. I’m sure, you have also used this words meaning not a particular geographical place, but everything the most outstanding and perfect what is possible to imagine while having a journey. And what if Monaco is not only an abstract Heaven on Earth but a very real tourist destination?

  • Travel

    Photo of the day: Gothenburg sunset

    by Kseniia

    You know, what, friends? Looks like my world is never gonna be the same again! Because of two reasons. And the first one is this absolutely fabilous, magical sunset outside the Heaven 23 restaurant windows in Gothenburg (Sweden) earlier today. It painted all the old rooftops and interior details into an electro-orange color, turning them into one big fairy tail. People stared at it, took photos of it, were obviously amazed by it. 

    And the second reason is…

  • Travel

    Modern Singapore: Marina Bay and Sentosa

    by Kseniia

    4 days are too little for Singapore and too much for one video at the same moment:) We needed all summer to decide, how to turn everything I shooted there in an interesting and logical film. After all, it became obvious, that it’s just impossible to fit everything in one video!

    So, here is the first of THREE video-guides to Singapore. The one about its modern part, that we all know from the beautiful photos and TV programms.

  • Travel

    Nature all around: Sahanlahti Resort on Saimaa lake

    by Kseniia

    I just love how perfect are Finnish holidays in the way of their relaxation. Like nowhere else, you feel here like you owe nothing to others here. No need to rush through all the sights if you’re not in a mood for it, you can easily stay in bed till lunch or even spend all your vacation without leaving the hotel – and no one would ever blame you for that. And it’s not because of standarts of trying to be polite with tourists. It’s just in the nature of Finnish people. They know, how to enjoy every moment of life and appreciate what they have right now, without waiting for a better future or smth. You can forget about conventionalities and just deep into what you really like. And only because of that all the hotels and resorts we had a chance to visit this summer were organized the way it is the most comfortable for everyone to have the best rest ever without going far away. 

  • Next year it will be 10 years (oh, my!) since I left school, but Moscow Day is still some kind of “Good bye, summer” party for me. It was always like that before: 3 months of doing nothing, several days of school fun with no homework, Moscow day, and here it comes finally – new study year…. And though I don’t need to study anymore, Moscow day is still a starting point of fall season for me!

    This year it was brightened up by a tastiest Lindt chocolate, that everyone could have tried during the celebration. Of course, we just couldn’t miss it, so went to Strastnoy boulevard with the camera. So, have a look at or video and photos now!

  • I want to be honest with you – I couldn’t even imagine it was so hard to produce timelapse video! After Alesha asked me to help him, I felt so much pain in my back and legs… And all that for just 30 SECONDS! Beautiful, but such a short result…

    So why is it actually so hard? 

  • Honestly, I’m not always the type of person you expect me to be. And I even enjoy telling my “unknown” characteristics, always followed by an unpredictable reactions! The thing is, despite beeing a journalist, I’m also a very shy person, finding it hard to communicate with other people. I’m never the one to introduce myself first; in a new company I prefer to keep silence; can’t make a single call for ages and love the moments I can stay in front of my computer the most of all. Well, it’s been a little easier lately – I learned to force myself to communicate with important people, at least…

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