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Photo of the day: Gothenburg sunset

by Kseniia

You know, what, friends? Looks like my world is never gonna be the same again! Because of two reasons. And the first one is this absolutely fabilous, magical sunset outside the Heaven 23 restaurant windows in Gothenburg (Sweden) earlier today. It painted all the old rooftops and interior details into an electro-orange color, turning them into one big fairy tail. People stared at it, took photos of it, were obviously amazed by it. 

And the second reason is…

The second reason is that Sweden has all chances to share a cozy place in my heart with the one and only (for me) – Israel. Some people call it intuition, anticipation. Sometimes you just know how it’s going to be further. And I realized that I have a lot in common with Gothenburg as soon as we only landed. We speak the same language. I feel really comfortable here both in an atmosphere and working process. Because it is really vital – to work with joy. Only, only in that case, you can probably create smth outstanding, that you would want to share and personally love.

We have a really busy and interesting day tomorrow, so now I’m off for a small rest and just will show you one more photo of this astonishing view only seen in Hollywood movies before.

By the way, have you ever been to Sweden? Where exactly?

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