I want to be honest with you – I couldn’t even imagine it was so hard to produce timelapse video! After Alesha asked me to help him, I felt so much pain in my back and legs… And all that for just 30 SECONDS! Beautiful, but such a short result…

So why is it actually so hard? 

If you follow me on Facebook, you already have an answer. But if no – I’m here to tell it once more:)

Timelapse is a really special way of shooting. It is a fantastic mixture of photo and video, showing us some moments of wonderful Earth life, that we can’t normally see with our own eyes, cause they happen too slowly. Like clouds’ run or a birth of a flower.

Usual video is actually 24 photos made in one second. That is the speed of our life. And during timelapse shooting photographer makes those photos with longer pauses. So after combining them together you receive a movie of our life fastened in many times. For example. we made 1 photo in 10 seconds, which means we needed 4 minutes to only make 1 second of video and about 40 minutes to shoot 10 seconds! How amazing is that? Almost an hour of real life fitted in just several seconds. And some people can make a shot per day – to film how the building is being build, for example. Almost a month in 1 second as a result drives me crazy…

It is even harder with hyperlapse (those moments when camera moves along the building). In that case photographer should also move his camera a tiny little bit after every shot. To receive smooth result we moved camera for a length of my feet:) We shooted hyperlapse with a 30 seconds pauses, so the fast “flight” in front of the white Cathedral actually looked like more than one and a half hour of moving with an insect speed across the square. And all that time I stood with my leg set aside to keep the dynamics of moving and Alesha was crooked over his camera to fix focus and other settings after each shot.

So, it took us about 4 hours to make this video in total! Saying nothing about post-production. And now I really hope you will find just 30 seconds to watch the result. Will you? 

By the way, I want Alesha to write about timelapse secrets and the equipment needed for our Tips&Tricks. Are you interested in this information? 

Video by: Alexey Trojan Spodyneyko (#TSJproduction)

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