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October 2015

  • Ok, I will be honest with you, my friends, I really want to sleep after that desasterous intoxication, a night, spent on a road, and a day at my favorite Riga Fashion Week, that I missed so much during the last two seasons (oh yes, go and have a look at a video, where I’m still young, thin and beautiful!). But there is that video of how I spontaneously went to Munich in September to celebrate Octoberfest hanging on my YouTube for quite a while now, so I will do my best and finally share it with you. Cause Octoberfest had not only already opened, but also had way too much time to also get closed. 

    Spoiler! That’s the first time I ever spoke German in front of the camera.

  • – How cute! You-ve recently got married? – asked a friendly girl at a reception in Solo Sokos Vasilievsky, while comparing different surnames in my pass and driving license.

    – Well, actually, it will be a year already on 16th, the day, I’m leaving you. Just didn’t have time for all my docs yet…

    That was exactly the dialog I had while cheking into a hotel in Saint Petersburg last week. After spending two days there, I was going to my last breakfast.

  • Our worksTravel

    Man’s view: St. Peter Line cruise tour

    by Alex

    Today we are happy to introduce you a man’s view on traveling. And that is because Ksusha finally agreed to let me travel alone for our blog and show you, what I’ve seen there. Not quite understanding what I’m about to do yet, I had to board on St. Peter Line ship and make myself ready for a cruise through 3 northern capitals: Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallin.

    Honeslty, we were thinking about adding some man-side posts to thestylejungle.ru for quite a long time. Well, not certainly it would be all about man. But just a little alternative views:) Because I also have something to say, by the way! Of course, first of all we decided about Tips&Tricks posts to share my knowledge in photo and video. But everything appeared to be very different and I had to try myself in a sea, while Ksusha stayed on a shore. 

  • October 2015 is a starting point for a a new Skoda Superb sales in Russia. The familiar car now got a sharper and more prestigious design as well as many additional options (like cruise control, tracking system, system of a driver fatigue control, climate control for 3 zones and a multimedia system, that works perfectly with Apple and Android smartphones), saying nothing about some luxury details like panoramic roof, umbrella holders in front doors and a LED flashlight.

    Traditionally, this upgrade preceded by a long tizer campaign and huge events in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. But today we finally want to show you how this Skoda Superb 2015 actually looks like and what it’s like to drive in it.

    We had a chance to test Skoda Superb 2015 in Czech, during a huge test-drive, where almost 50 journalists and bloggers from Russia took part in.

  • The best morning is when a golden sun, that brightens up beautiful red roofs, can be seen from your hotel room window. And that is exactly wha you get while staying in 5 stars Augustine just next to the Valdshtein garden and Karlov Bridge. And by the way, an amazing location is not even the greatest advantage of this place. And what is? Of course, it’s breathtaking history, dated back at XIII century!

  • Seems like all those dressing up’s are becoming a big part of my blog: romantic style of “Downton Abbey” in Czech to begin with and a traditional Oktoberfest fun in Munich afterwards… Could I ever imagine, that I would love it so much? But anyway, it was just impossible to skip dressing in a wonderful gown while enjoying Millennium Park (Novorijskoe avenue, 19 km) fall celebration. Do you agree?

  • What a miraculous sky is there in Finland! Amazing, picturesque, hypnotic, beyond beautiful. This sky can any photo turn into a really special one. And it also changes the way we see the life underneath it. Rich and volumetic clouds, that are seen everywhere over the forests and lakes up to the very horizon, are making this piece of Earth look like a picture of a talanted artist, who is deeply in love with our planet. 

    The view from an ordinary summer terrace here you will remember for ages, and a simple entertainments, that you’ve probably done thousands of times already, are evoluating to an amazing adventures. This summer we’ve spent almost a week under this unbelievable sky, trying to find out what are locals and tourists usually doing while having vacations on Saimaa lake. And before we will show you everything in our traditional video-guides, let me show you some backstage photos. I’m sure, you as well will be inspired by this sky! 

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