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A true golden autumn in palaces nearby Saint-Petersburg

by Kseniia

I wonder, if an autumn more colorful and breathtakingly beautiful, than the one I saw in palaces nearby Saint-Peterburg last week, ever existed? Seeing all these made me suddwnly deeply connected to all the poems about Russian nature. I realized, that I have never yet felt and understood them so well. Could I ever imagined, that an autumnlike this would happen to me in my 25 for the first time in life? I was always quite sceptical about the phrase “He or she was inspired by 70-es/a sunset in Greece/playing cats”,but niw I can trully imagine how something makes you inspired and impossibly creative!

Hope, my photos will bring you at least a little of all those emotions I have!

During my journey I visited five palaces: Petergof, Tsarskoe Selo, Pavlovsk, Gatchina and Oranienbaum. And each of them turned to be very unique and outstanding in its own way.

The most beautiful one for a fall walk, in my opinion, is Pavlovsk. The thing is, its landscape designers placed every tree and bush on the place it is now for some reason – to make them shine every season. Everything is thought-through here! What a joy for the eyes:) )

Oranienbaum is probably not an inch less impressive this season, Due to its perfect navigation system (you will never get losed here as you might in other palaces) and an interesting organization, you can literally walk from structured gardens to almost wild forests for ages here!

Tsarskoe selo is exactly the picture Tyutchev draw in his poems (well, obviously, because he even mentions the name of this place in them!). With foggy mysterious mornings and slightly scary views. But, by the way, closer to an afternoon it suddenly became very sunny and cozy in here.

If you’re going for a walk with kids, you’d better choose Gatchina. Cause it’s not that big as other palaces, so you’ll have good chances to see everything, before children are too tired or hungry. Moreover the great number of birds will make them feel even more excited than in a zoo, because here you can legaly feed animals!

And here finally comes Petergof, which is probably the least enjoyable in fall. Like a luxury place that was suddenly abandoned by its owners. A strong feeling of melancholy covers all the area in here.

By the way, I was not only traveling for pleasure, while Alesha explored the seas, but also shooting video-guides of those palaces for you. We will post them at the end of the winter, I suppose, so that you can get inspired to visit our Northern capital next season. Trust me, it’s really worth it. And not only in autumn:)

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