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June 2016

  • Isn’t it funny – I only mentioned on Instagram (@thestylejungle), that was always indifferent to water and here we go – my report about the water sports festival "Traektoria FEST" in Kaluga, that we visited together with my sister. The thing is I’m totally fine with the water unless I need to swim or sunbath nearby (the last is the worst part!). But I really love SUP-serfing and SUP-yoga, they actually were the reason we took the early morning train and went to Kaluga.

  • You can’t even imagine how happy I become after the comments like “What a luck it is to always travel with a photographer” on a photos from my solo trips:) Yes, many of my Instagram (@thestylejungle) pictures I do by myself. And now I want to share my experience, ideas and even mistakes. Because there is nothing better, than looking through the perfect, authentic photos after the journey.

    A few years ago our travel photos were mostly nature or architecture captures. And we had no idea why were they so far from the vibrant, alive photos of our favourite photographers. Within the years we figured out that people in pictures are a key to success! Because they turn a regular sunset into a special one and show how big the mountains really are by simply standing nearby.

    So what are your options during traveling solo? Does it mean you won’t get any memorable photos? No way! Here are my lifehacks.

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    Morocco in 3 days

    by Alex

    We all think of the vacations in warm countries as of a journey not less than a week long. This number of days are just enough to relax at the beach as well as join a couple of tours and finally start a photospam on Instagram. But what if you only have 3 days to explore Morocco? Is it worth the long flight? Yes, you should definitely try it and now I’m gonna show you, how to see everything in such a short period of time.

  • I have no idea what can the beauty of Langkawi island in Malaysia be compared with. It’s a pure explosion of colors, layered cake of trees and plants from different periods, inhabited by amazing colorful birds and cute monkeys with hungry eyes, it’s white sand and beautiful houses, that fit into a local nature so organically as if they grew directly from the earth, and amazing sky above all that, that can be meditative and calm or crazy and angry.

    Every journey is a great chance to get beautiful photos, that you will look through with pleasure long after the vacations. And Langkawi looks like it was made for photoshoots. The best part is that you don’t even have to look for the spots for too long. For example, most of my photos for this article were made in Four Seasons Langkawi. 

    Can you believe, that this trip was the first one for me to wear ALL the clothes I packed? So, I suppose, it’s a perfect reason to show, what will you need in Malaysia to not only feel comfy, but also take some outstanding photos.

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