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by Kseniia
  • A girl should want to be beautiful. If you have curves like booty or stomach – it’s fine! Just do something: paint hair, wear heels. Don’t sit still, eating cakes

    I first met Katya Zharkova at Cosmo birthday party about two years ago. The party was already over, it was dark and cool. We were sitting at the ship restaurant covered in plaids, some people were drinking the last bottle if wine. And Katya in spite of tiredness, in spite of early waking up next morning (because of the shooting or some important meeting – she was in the middle of prepairing new TV-project “There is one secret” at that moment), was shining like our own sun with her optimism, smile and funny stories.

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    Riga Fashion Week: final day

    by Kseniia
    I now feel like Riga Fashion Week was ages ago. But that still doesn’t allow me not to show you some photos of the new collection by my love Alexandra Westfal. You will definitely like it! Cause that is the perfect wardrobe for the modern girl: outstanding, active businesswoman who travels a lot. By the way, that collection was even born during the flight! That is why you can see the printed sky in some details.
  • One more very special and incredible place we had a chance to visit in New York City is Shopbop online-store office. It is placed on the two upper levels of the skyscrapper right at the centre of Manhattan. And of course, they also have their own roof terrace, where you can have lunch, meeting or just enjoy outstanding city views. Can there be anything more glossy and perfect in NY? I don’t know, I’ve never seen it:)

  • Girls, cheer up! That is my message for today. Though sometimes it may sound silly… Freankly, it would have sounded silly for me even yesterday, while I was crying over my problems and unreleased projects. I started to scroll Instagram and liked a beautiful photo of a healthy food, when suddenly its author send me a comment how happy she was that her favorite blogger liked her photo! And here it is! My inspiration. It is in you! There are no money, no interviews or charts, that can make with my mood the same, that your comments and reactions are making.

    And this happy moment, making me smile and returning me to the good mood, also presented me a new post idea! Why not to skip away from the reality into the most exotic, the most beautiful places on Earth? Places that are loved by glossy photographers from all over the world. Don’t expect any hectic megapolices or dark factories! Only peace, only pleasure, only peaceful happiness. Are you ready for the most inspiring journey of your, hm… day?:) Than let’s go!

  • To be honest, how many times have you seen “Maleficent” by now? Me – two. And would be happy to repeat, but no one’s inviting anymore. 🙂

    After a couple of days crying over Angelina’s unachievable perfection, I switched to Elle Fanning. And somehow this little miss sunshine had a strong effect on me! She fascinates with her spontaneousness, sincere smile and loving all the world around. And I guess it can be hard to love the world, that always predicted you to be the second, the shadow of the elder sister.

  • OK, ladies, if you want to still be named the main shopaholic in family, please, put your men away from the screens now:) Ready? Good, let’s start then. Back in February we received an interesting proposal: to make man suit in an atelier. Regarding the fact that it was new and interesting experience for both of us, we headed to Bond&Stinson immediately. And at the atelier… I had nothing to do but to admit that I know nothing about men sewing, especially about modern sewing practised in this atelier.

    But it was so fascinating! So hurry up for further reading to find out the datails.

  • And here is the new (and super-cute as for me) prize for our traditional comments contest. Dear readers, you’re so cool that this month my partners – online store for cool stuff Pichshop.ru – decided to present you a prize once more. And I couldn’t be happier! Because backpack is really useful in summer, agree? You can carry your picknicks there, for example. 🙂 Or ride a bike, walk to the ocean or lake (depends on where you are now).
  • My dear girrrrrrrls, happy first summer day to you all! The hottest, funniest and the most intriguing season is ahead. Personally I have so much plans for it already, and you? Tell me everything in comments:)

    And for one of my readers this season starts with a perfect gift – new dress from Made.To.Wear collection. Or even any dress in her design in case she doesn’t like anything from the collection. So who is the lucky today?

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    Best outfit in spring

    by Kseniia

    I can’t quite believe in in, but in spring we shooted so many outfits, we still haven’t published them all! And that is because such a great, interesting, expected and not so events happened this season. Hope you all guys lived this spring as we did. And now it’s time to get back to our test, started back in winter, and to choose the best spring outfit. And I will show you the winter winner you’ve chosen, at the end of this post! 🙂

  • One can become a designer. And even a talented designer. A talented designer with a billions-size profit to say more. But one can never become a couturier, unless he was born like this. And in that case your life turns into constant hiding besides seamstresses and sails persons backs, couse there is no way you can mix pure art with routine deals. But you still can be happy. Or sad. Or lonely. Or inspired. At the end of the day it all makes no sence, because all people will know about you are your pieces. Better, more actual, more natural than anything created after you.

    40 years passed since the death of Christobal Balenciaga, but his pieces still make us breathless.

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