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by Kseniia
  • Girls, if you missed sunny Spring contest, I have one for you! GLADE has organized smth to inspire you, to have fun and make new friends. And I can’t keep silence cause it appeared to be so stylish! Even anounces look possitive and fashionable. That is the mood I’d love to share! And I’m also in love with their interesting, creative tasks.

    So, if you want to receive a set of "Juicy twist" or "Flower rumba" subscribe to GLADE VKontakte page and follow the instructions of the Step 1 – to compose quatrain with the following phrase: "Be in a Spring rhythm".

  • Ulle Suurhans-Pohjanheimo is a designer after estonian brand Pohjanheimo. For 20 years she’s been working as a haute couture atelier with minimalism aesthetics, when suddenly Ulle realized that she has reached the sky and to go further she needs to change something. At that time the first ladies of many countries as well as Viena Opera’s artists were wearing Pohjanheimo. So that was the moment when Ulle started pret-a-porter line and now, at the beggining of April, she showed her fourth collection in Riga.

    Last season fashion show was above all my expectations so this time I was waiting for the show impatiently. And I can hardly say what was the saddest about it – the end of the Riga Fashion Week or the end of this wonderful show. I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to chat with Ulle the next day.

  • I’m sure you want new swimsuit for this season.Or a wonderful underwear for… Underwear doesn’t need any reason though. My friends from online store Sabotage are ready to make dreams come true! They also have beautiful negligees and fairy masks, by the way:) But to make wish come true, you have to follow some instructions as usual.

    1. Subscribe for Sabotage VKontakte.

    2. Enter the official web site and choose any (yes, you’ve heard it right – ANY!) present you want to receive.

    3. Share the image of your prize and a link to this post in your social networks or in your blog (more links – more chances to win! But make sure that you account is opened for me!)

    4. Leave links to your reposts and your dream piece from the Sabotage collections here in comments.

  • As far as I’m now travelling through Israel with Sela, I decided it’s just a right time to show your our unique photoshoot made in Moscow recently. It was first in a long time when I was shooted not by Alesha (though he was always near shooting video backstage), so I was very anxious to see the results. And they appear to be quite nice, do you agree?

    We were working with the spring collection and I was allowed to choose a couple of outfits by myself. Honestly, it was quite hard, cause I’m totally in love with the spring lookbook and advertising campaign of this brand and couldn’t think of something else besides the looks from there. By the way, do you look through catalogues or ads for some inspiration before shopping?

  • Articles

    How we produced dancing video

    by Kseniia

    There are some life events, that can’t be described in only one post. Well, actually they also can’t be described in two posts, but I’ll try to do my best:) This time besides traditional dancing video, #TSJproduction also managed to make a small backstage video. It was a 15 hours proccess full of emotions and it could have lasted way more longer if we didn’t turn to be so exhausted.

    We did our best to show the atmosphere of our project in this video and it will also show you how many wonderful and talented people are involved in our videos.

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    Riga is love

    by Kseniia
    Seems like we’re for the first time in Riga airport when it’s sunny outside. Giant windows decorated with flowers were made for this weather! I thought that week spend in Latvia recharged me 100%, but it appeared that couple more percents were spared for this moment here at the airport. But no matter if I will see sun above plains in Riga once more or not, I will definitely come back to this city again and again. For inspiration, for smiles, for confidence in who I am and what we’ve been doing. There can’t be anything more perfect than this old steets living modern live. Paving stones and plastic coffee cups. Old statues and up-to-date graffiti. Elderly couple coming to the same park bench for many years and teenagers playing with plastic swords in front of them. Riga is a city of contrasts, city of our emotions, desires and abilities, city of released ambitions and new plans. Riga, all our love – to you!
  • Due to all the travelling preparings we didn’t have enought time to visit Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia this season. The only exception was Mariano di Vaio blog talk I was hosting and a couple of fashion shows by my beloved or new for me designers. One from the last group is Zalina Verkhovskaya, the season’s debutant. I’m always curious about totally new collections, which you can’t have any pre-opinion about yet. It’s better to formulate it yourself, isn’t it? Hope you also like to find new interesting names, cause we prepared special video coverage for you. This day was kind of crazy, but very emotional and magical anyway.
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    Riga Fashion Week.Day 2

    by Kseniia
    Second day of Riga Fashion Week started with show-room Madam Bonbon presentation. This one is such a conceptual place! May be even way too conceptual:) Seriosly! Seeing shoes on a luxurious bed or even in bathroom during the presentation may be funny, but can you imagine yourself buying clothes at such place? I can hardly imagine stepping on a toiled to reach 50% discounted pair of shoes.:) But the atmosphere is definitely perfect there! That is why we’ve spend there so much time, chatting with guests and designers, taking pictures…
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    New month – new prize!

    by Kseniia

    I promised the new prize will blow your mind away. And such promises are worth keeping. That’s why this April the best commentator gets fancy Rebecca Minkoff clutch by Shopbop online store. Well, actualy their delivery is so qick that you don’t need to wait for a month:) But in case you’re eager to leave some comments in our blog, you’ll have a chance to receive it for free, what is always a nice bonus!

    The rules are simple as always: leave your comments, suggestions and objections under the April updates. At the end of the month we will choose the most active and interesting commentator and send him this clutch. Are you in?

  • There are not that many places in the world where we can feel like home while doing our job. And Riga is one of them. We are here now for our third fashion week but for the first time representing only our blog and I couldn’t be more proud! Though we have missed previous season, I still feel like we were here a few days ago. And mostly because of the friendly people we always meet here. Just imagine, Riga Fashion Week celebrates it’s 20st season and some of people are working here since the very first fashion show! Isn’t it crazy? I can’t believe it’s true, cause Moscow fashion week crew changes each season:)

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