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Tips&Tricks: how to make videos for your blog?

by Kseniia

Sadly there are not so much Russian (and foreign!) bloggers producing video content. We always tried to make as much blog videos for theStyleJungle as possible. Of course, they never recieve as much views as photos, but in my opinion those readers who are not that lazy not to press "Play" button get much more atmosphere and insider feeling. Am I right, girls?

To be honest we did a long way in our video production. First videos were too long, didn’t always have good lightening and frames selection. Moreover, we didn’t have the equipment we possess now. But I always liked how Alesha and Ksusha looked through hours of different videos, trying to figure out what they were doing wrong, to learn something new through arguing, laughing and lots of working.

And today me and Alesha are going to share some ideas of how to make good video for your blog. Don’t take our advice as a rules or a way to 100% success. That is only what works for us and what we like about videos. Anyway, hope this post can be useful for some of you. Please, share your ideas and thoughts in comments!

Please, keep on mind that we’re making videos with photocamera (and iPhone sometimes:) ).

Inside the video

There are no not good enough themes for videos. Your outfits, fashion events and shows, backstages, travellings, interviews, make up, cupcake recepies and your cat tricks – everything can be interesting for your readers as long as it fits your blog format, of course. Even if it only 20 seconds of final catwalking, it can be published! But don’t forget to always upgrade your skills, no one can be happy with 20 seconds of catwalk forever.

If we are talking about blog video, there is no place to be shy! You are the main person of your blog! Be ready to appear in each of your videos. If you’re making an interview, make sure to have frames of you and your interlocutor, on fashion event show your readers how you’re looking through new collection, choosing your juice or chatting with friends, while travelling don’t focus only on sights (everyone can see them in Google pictures) – smile, jump, wave your hand, eat ice cream. Alway stay in focus!

Assortment of content is something that is really important for me. Fashion show will become even better if you show interiors, front row, details. Even video outfit can be provided with the panorama of the shooting place, few frames with people staring at you, dog that was running around and so on. Don’t be afraid to ruin the order of the events, it will only look more dynamic that way. Don’t let your readers feel bored!

The voice.  

I don’t feel very relaxed in front of the camera. So when possible I try to avoid speaking. 

Honestly, how is it possible to stay natural while talking to camera? I prefer my mimics, music and beautiful views to speak for me. I also noticed that too much speaking can ruin the dynamic of your video. What you certainly don’t need!

Don’t be too naive to think that all the beautiful and easy moments where as well shooted beatifully and easy. If you want to look naturally while walking down the street with your coffee are elegantly get into the car be ready to do that again and again. I’m saying it not because I don’t believe you can immediately walk natural while sipping coffee. But because for a good picture you will need several foreshortenings to place them one after another.

Closer frames are always a good decision. But be sure to move your eyes, hair, type sms with your fingers. That will help to create the rhythm of your video. Too static frames are boring and not so original, to say the truth.

And now some technical details from Alesha:

How to make video

Don’t forget that most photocameras do not have image stabilization, lenses are more often provided with it. So you’d better go for that kind of lenses (so called VR in Canon and Nikon). Otherwise you will need tripod, because suppression of shaking during montage can be really frustrating.

While shooting in studio or with permanent light manually fix the white balance – it will spare the postproduction time. If you can’t do this or don’t have enough time make sure to do it during montage. Such videos look so much more professional!

If you are only a begginer in making videos use more simple montage programmes. Some people don’t evem skip to professional soft cause it can be too complicated. 

Let’s look at iMovie and Final Cut Pro X for Mac OS. The second one is not more that an extended version of the first one. If the first one seems not good enough anymore, time to add some new possibilities!
Montage is a creative process, but anyway there are some rules to be kept. For example, don’t cut the video if you still haven’t chosen the sound. You should fit video to audio. Changing frames in tact is more comfortable for readers than chaotic movie.  

Always try to keep balance. Don’t use to much effects and transitions in your videos. There are not more that 2-3 transitions in most good videos. Usually they are the most simple joints and fades, something more creative should be only used on special accasions. 

We don’t often use effects in our videos. In my opinion, it makes video look some kind of cheap experiment and not professional at all. 

Of course, effects can be useful if your frame sucked in light or smth else – in that case you can make it look unnatural or multiply it on purpose. But there are not so many frames that can’t be cut out, believe me! In order to have enough material to replace such frames, try to film as much as you can.

The good length for most videos is not more that 3 minutes. Of course, it’s not a law, but that is our experience. First of all, it’s easy enough to collect material for such duration during fashion shows or events. Secondly, people do not often watch videos more that 1.30 – 3 minutes. If you want to hold them longer be ready to show not less that Lady Gaga changing her clothes right on the runway:)
All the videos used in this post are made by #TSJproduction

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