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    How do backpackers travel in New Zealand

    by Kseniia

    Backpacker is a tourist, who travels cheap and ignores tourists’ agencies.

    Everything in New Zealand is quite new to us, everyday is full of surprises and discoveries. But if I still can imagine how it’s possible to apply for and receive a bank card in 15 minutes, that people fix their cars before selling them or that you can’t rent a house if the number of square meters is smaller than a number of your family members (or a landlord would pay fines), the fact that their’s way new culture of traveling and now boarders for people from over the world will be definitely way harder to digest. Here is one of the most amazing and unusual experiences I’ve ever had!

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    7 tips for beautiful photos of yourself for those who travel solo

    by Kseniia

    You can’t even imagine how happy I become after the comments like “What a luck it is to always travel with a photographer” on a photos from my solo trips:) Yes, many of my Instagram (@thestylejungle) pictures I do by myself. And now I want to share my experience, ideas and even mistakes. Because there is nothing better, than looking through the perfect, authentic photos after the journey.

    A few years ago our travel photos were mostly nature or architecture captures. And we had no idea why were they so far from the vibrant, alive photos of our favourite photographers. Within the years we figured out that people in pictures are a key to success! Because they turn a regular sunset into a special one and show how big the mountains really are by simply standing nearby.

    So what are your options during traveling solo? Does it mean you won’t get any memorable photos? No way! Here are my lifehacks.

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    Morocco in 3 days

    by Alex

    We all think of the vacations in warm countries as of a journey not less than a week long. This number of days are just enough to relax at the beach as well as join a couple of tours and finally start a photospam on Instagram. But what if you only have 3 days to explore Morocco? Is it worth the long flight? Yes, you should definitely try it and now I’m gonna show you, how to see everything in such a short period of time.

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    The most interesting and romantic couple travel blogs

    by Kseniia

    We’ve often been told, that we’re so lucky to share the same passion to travel. Honestly, I have no idea how can someone not share a passion to travel not share his soulmates passion, because what can be more valuable, than living the same special moment together with a person who thinks like you and sees the world like you. You know, I trully do think that within the time the partners of female travelers become an important part of their blogs. And I’m not saying about those “+1” travel situations, but about being in a spotlight or even growing bigger, than a founder (like it happened with our profiles in Instagram). Don’t you thibk so? Well, than just have a look at those wonderful couples, who inspire us to always travel together!

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    5 cities to visit not because of the sights

    by Kseniia

    Impossible to visit Paris without observing it from the Eiffel Tower or be in Venice and not to swim through its channels on a cute gondola. There are a lot of cities where those classical routes are a must. But there are also such places on Earth, that are worth visiting not because of their sights, but firstly because of the unique atmosphere, welcoming locals and their stories, long walks, tasty food and a brand new reality. Lots of them are situated in European countries like Italy, Spain or Portugal, but today I’m going to tell about only five, that we have visited in person.  

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    Road trip: 4 cool auto routes to take this summer

    by Kseniia

    My dear English-speaking friends! I’m really sorry for not translating this article, but just have a look at its length – it’s probably a new world record! I’m afraid it’s beyond my abilities and patience:) But the stories about outstanding road trips across our beautiful planet are so inspiring, that I will definitely pay for a translation one day. And in a meantime you can use Google Translator just to get the main idea. Sorry again!

    Пожалуй, нет лучшего способа познать новую страну, чем путешествуя по ней на автомобиле. Чем больше нетуристических и честных людей, мест и событий, тем с большей уверенностью можно сказать – да, здесь я был. А не отметился:) Почти два года назад мы проехали 7 000 км по России на нашем тогда еще Peugeot и с тех пор поняли, что автопутешествия – это навсегда. Дорожная романтика: кофе в бумажных стаканчиках, незапланированные остановки на фотогеничных полях, города, которые начинаются со спальных пригородов и, мелькая разноцветными лоскутами, вдруг превращаются в известные достопримечательности, неизменная робость перед незнакомым стилем вождения в новой стране – все это щекочет нервы, заставляет мурашки ажиотажа и восторга бегать по коже, все это вспоминается потом домашними вечерами с улыбкой и неизменным предвкушением новых приключений.

    Я попросила четверых своих знакомых, за плечами которых невероятные дорожные маршруты, рассказать, что, где и как стоит увидеть этим летом из окна своего авто (или даже – через руль велосипеда!). Итак, Калифорния, Португалия, Финляндия и марш-бросок из Москвы в Лондон. Поехали?

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    Where to snowboard in summer: ski resorts of the South Hemisphere

    by Kseniia

    I’m pretty sure, it’s impossible to not miss snowboarding during the summer period after only 5 or so winter months. Well, personally I definitely failed even after visiting 3 different ski resorts in 2016:) Luckily, there is no need to wait, because you can also return to the snowy mountains even in summer. First of all, thanks to the glaciers, that are located in Switzerland, Austria, Italy and other countries. And secondly, because when it’s summer in here, on the other hemisphere of Earth is a perfect winter. In my opinion, a feeling of actually going into the winter and not only into a cold weather, makes this experience even more exiting. So where to go for summer skiing and snowboarding?

  • Sightseeing in Helsinki is, hmmm, interesting, but far from being really exciting. To explore the pure beautiness of this place, you will have to take a 15 minutes ride by a ferry to seven islands of Suomenlinna forthress, that faces cold waters and is situated on a rocky cliffs. Funny, that one its name (Suomenlinna) translates as “Finnish fortress” and the other (Sveaborg – official as well) – as a “Swedish forthress”.

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    Who won a trip to Finland?

    by Kseniia

    Wow, what an exciting moment! Time to announce our winner, who will spend 2 spring nights in wonderful Jarvisydan together with his dearest person. To tell you the truth, we did our best to not read the stories during the competition in order to read them all at once and to find the only one, that will be the most appealing to us. Yes, the choice was all about our personal opinion, so, please, don’t judge or discuss it, cause there are as many opinions as many people, right? So, are you ready?