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You know I’m the biggest beautyholic out there – I enjoy discovering new brands, top-notch products and extremely unusual, but highly effective ingredients. This is the first review in a new format - a real interview, only with a beauty product instead of a person.
07.07.2018 BY Kseniia
As winter season calls for blankets, hot tea and books, sometimes it's just too difficult to resist. And I think, we all deserve this quiet me-time at home, just relaxing and doing nothing. But how do you make sure you take the max out of these two days without the guilt of waisting your time?
01.07.2018 BY Kseniia
Let's be honest, we all enjoy spending money on the person we love the most (ourselves!) every now and then. And when it comes to skincare or makeup products, even the most spontaneous investment is normally worth every penny. But does it mean there's no chance to find something decent in a cheaper category? These products I'm currently obsessed with, are affordable, but so effective, convenient and beautiful!
22.04.2018 BY Kseniia
We're less than two days away from our flight to Russia and to be honest, I'm a bit terrified. One morning my mum calls me to say it was sunny, +17 and she could finally wear her beautiful heels. The next day she reports snow. I mean, how can one pack enough clothes for an entire month, if it can be both summer and winter there? The same with the skincare.
31.07.2017 BY Kseniia
The way people organise their businesses in New Zealand is so inspiring! Everyone tries to keep it as sustainable, cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly as possible. And beauty industry is an obvious leader in this approach. So here is my personal TOP of local beauty brands.
12.07.2017 BY Kseniia
I can hardly believe it myself, but after almost two hours of relaxing, drinking coffee and doing nothing I managed to be at least a tiny little bit useful and asked Libby, the founder of Epsilon Hair, for her recommendations on the best hair products.
20.07.2016 BY Kseniia
We're about to leave for Alfa Future People 2016 and because of being too cold last year, this time I decided to pack in advance and to share my ideas about what to pick with you.
19.05.2016 BY Kseniia
So, Singapore nightclubs and Malay islands - be ready for an invasion of red, exfoliating, puffy Russians. Not that I do not believe in our natural beauty, it's just that most of the people do never think in advance if they will need any additional skincare for a tropical holiday.
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