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May 2014

  • One can become a designer. And even a talented designer. A talented designer with a billions-size profit to say more. But one can never become a couturier, unless he was born like this. And in that case your life turns into constant hiding besides seamstresses and sails persons backs, couse there is no way you can mix pure art with routine deals. But you still can be happy. Or sad. Or lonely. Or inspired. At the end of the day it all makes no sence, because all people will know about you are your pieces. Better, more actual, more natural than anything created after you.

    40 years passed since the death of Christobal Balenciaga, but his pieces still make us breathless.

  • Do you, girls, see that dress at the first picture? You don’t know yet how it deserved this place, but I’m going to tell you. This cocktail dress by River Island… is one and only! Yes, exactly – this piece never was in stock and only one of theStyleJungle readers will wear it. Like a true Hollywood star with the unique designer piece made specially for her:) Isn’t it unbelievably cool?

  • Following probably the most popular guidebook of today – TVshow “Orel i reshka”, we went with Alesha to the art district of continental Miami – Wynwood. I need to say now, that continental Miami is not smth you expect after all the movies (if not the movies about illegal immigrants or underperforming students) and beautiful postcards. Here is like in Vegas: when you only take few steps away from the main street, you bounce into poor districts of those, who serve the main street. Miami Beach is an Earth heaven with rich, successful, tanned citizens, whereas continental Miami is home for people who are less lucky.

  • It’s time to tell you all the truth! We visited New York not only to have rest and try all the bakery possible as you may have thought from my Instagram account (@thestylejungle), but also for some business meetings. Like that one with the representatives of American Eagle Outfitters to show you how the clothes of the brand are produced and what a life of the designer is all about. Clint Groom, men’s denim and woven’s sr. director, helped us with this.

  • Banner (or media) ads in Russia are often being undeservedly ingnored by bloggers as well as advertisers. Honestly, do you see pages with paid media ads at least regulary? Don’t only be confused by those free banners of online-stores placed to receive free clothes.

    But I believe that problem is not in being undeservedly ignored but in lack of knowledge about this type of advertising. Bloggers just don’t know what and how to sell:) Of course, we are not living in an ideal world, where one post is enough to become a pro in banner marketing, but let’s try to find out the basics, ok?

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    New York City Chelsea Market

    by Kseniia

    If only weather was a little more welcoming in New York, we would have probably seen less new places we managed to see this time, while hiding from the rain and wind under the roofs:) Instead of Central Park and crowded streets we had to spend our time in museums, restaurants and shopping malls (what was also exciting,of course!). But among all attractions we visited I liked Chelsea Market most of all. I wonder if there’s anything like this in Moscow? I don’t think so.

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    Downtown Miami

    by Kseniia

    I know now how people turn into writters. Impossible to visit Downtown Miami Port without receiving an inspiration for a book:) And God only knows, how impatiently I waited for this photos, cause I wanted to share the atmosphere of this incredible one and only place on Earth so much! That is the place of thousands cultures, of smiles, sun, grilled seafood aroma and dances with live music mixed all together in a giant bowl. This warm, creative and happy anthill possesses so much energy in each centimeter of its space, that it seems impossible not to run, shout and do something extraordinary after it overloads you in a seconds.

  • There are a lot of people I truly admire. One can sing as an angel or is a perfect mother, other has wonderful hair or a flair to a good bargain, someone is always possitive, strong enought not to eat late or can cook marvelous brauni every weekend. But there are only few people who really inspire me. And trust me, they are absolutely unique! I’m going to tell you about them in a new column “Wonder Woman”.

    I met Alexis Ostrobrod on my first evening in Israel. Tiny and elegant in her classic black blouse she confidently answered journalists’ questions about local designers: “For luxe visit this place and NN boutique is a must – she produces unique pieces in Israel traditions. If you’re searching for original accessories don’t miss a chance to see this street. But don’t be late! They are closed early!”

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