Downtown Miami

by Kseniia

I know now how people turn into writters. Impossible to visit Downtown Miami Port without receiving an inspiration for a book:) And God only knows, how impatiently I waited for this photos, cause I wanted to share the atmosphere of this incredible one and only place on Earth so much! That is the place of thousands cultures, of smiles, sun, grilled seafood aroma and dances with live music mixed all together in a giant bowl. This warm, creative and happy anthill possesses so much energy in each centimeter of its space, that it seems impossible not to run, shout and do something extraordinary after it overloads you in a seconds.

Actually, Downtown Miami with its skyscrapers is considered to be the business part of the city. Most of the banks central offices are located here. As well as museums, conference halls, restaurants and parks. So people do not live here, they work here. But Downtown also has its port. And that is the only reason I’m talking so emotionally now. That is the place where the real life is. Besides the caurousel of people’s emotions, Miami port accumulates about 4 million people each year (it was world’s biggest port up to the recent moment!) and more that 7 millions tons of cargo. Impressive, isn’t it? And now imagine how scared I was to sail a boat among this giants… How on Earth can water hold them?!

But all my emotions were worth the Downtown view from water. Trust me, there is no private island or a celebrity house that can be compared with this perfection! I’m totally a megalopolis fan! But I still can’t stop myself from saying one thing: the greatest celebrity house in Miami belongs to our businessman Vladislav Doronin:) And what an outstanding yacht he has! Giant black shark. Any yacht tycoon would die from jealousy:)

Remeber the place that reflects all New York for me ? Downtown Miami port is my very own Miami! And if one day I refuse an idea of working for life:) and turn into writting a book, I will probably finally buy glasses in order to squint only because of sun and not because I can’t see anything, will make curls, learn how to wear espadrilles and boyfriend T-shirts and will find myself at Miami port. Cause that is the only way to create a real masterpiece:)

Photos by: Alexey Trojan Spodyneyko (#TSJproduction)

I’m wearing:

Dress worn as top, shorts, necklace and bag Sela
Heels Vicini for Centro
Watches Casio Baby-G
Bracelets Imagine Italia and Bugs by

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