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When the walls truly have eyes, ears and other wonderful stuff

by Kseniia

Following probably the most popular guidebook of today – TVshow “Orel i reshka”, we went with Alesha to the art district of continental Miami – Wynwood. I need to say now, that continental Miami is not smth you expect after all the movies (if not the movies about illegal immigrants or underperforming students) and beautiful postcards. Here is like in Vegas: when you only take few steps away from the main street, you bounce into poor districts of those, who serve the main street. Miami Beach is an Earth heaven with rich, successful, tanned citizens, whereas continental Miami is home for people who are less lucky.

Ok, we are not the “Hunger games” characters, so I might be exaggerating a little. But trust me – you can easily feel this contrast after entering Wynwood, art district famous for its galleries, unusual exhibitions, but mostly because of the wonderful graffity by world famous artists on its walls, garages and fences. We visited it on Monday (which means holiday!) and I felt like I was left alone on our Planet. There was no one around! Papers flying back and forth, broken glass everywhere, windows closed, the paint on the walls of small placed close to each other houses is noticeably damaged, baseball field is covered with grass…

But you won’t see al this today:) And not because I don’t want to show this atmosphere or don’t want to ruin image of this perfect city, but simply because it all doesn’t matter as soon as you only take a glance at the walls with all that crazy graffiti, that made Wynwood a legend. Gosh, how on Earth is it possible to creat smth like that?:) Ideal portraits of famous people, social stories, cute comics and psychedelic fantasies. Pure inspiration!
There is smth more I want to share with you today – my new MAC, satin rebel BC3 lipstick. I bought it just before the trip and can’t be happier now – it’s so beautiful, longlasting and what is the most important – easy to apply and draw the perfect line. My best buy!
Photos by: Alexey Trojan Spodyneyko (#TSJproduction)
I’m wearing:
Vest Sela
Skirt Blend She
Heels Diane von Furstenberg
Bag Sela
Headphones Skullcandy
Watches Casio Baby-G
Bracelets Bugs by Pichshop.ru, VamPoom

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