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July 2014

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    Miami, see you!

    by Kseniia
    Perhaps there was an obvious reason for me to save this post for so long. Cause it’s the last outfit we shooted in our wonderful Miami. But well, of course, there is still video left:) But anyway I feel like saying "Good bye" for the second time now… I don’t want this city to turn into my memories.
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    Alexa Chung It

    by Kseniia

    This must be the strangest book I’ve ever read. The first strange thing about it is the fact that I’ve read it all while traveling from home to work. The last time it happened was with the kids version of “Aibolit”:) But it doesn’t mean It by Alexa Chung somehow lacks in texts. It looks like a common text book from the first sight.

    And from the second?

  • We continue on surfing around the summer festivals with Vicini for Centro in order to find out what exactly is better to wear for this kind of events. To be honest, I quite like it now – new festival every single weekend, why not? And though I wanted to believe in miracle with all my heart, this time there was no miracle: most of all I like food-festivals:) By the way, our video from one of those we published recently. And while we’re in a middle of getting ready for the next one, here it goes – the video from the musical festival Fruit Vibrations.
  • Think a little – woman’s wardrobe is actually a very strange thing. If not to say – a miracle thing:) We adopted so many pieces from others (like overalls from gardeners, polo from golf, even heels were first invented for men!), so it can be hard sometimes to name a piece that is traditionally and originaly ours basic wardrobe detail. But I can predict that this summer a new sphere is growing so popular that it’s time for us for a new adoption:) I’m talking about extreme sports, of course. Snowboarding shoes we were already wearing for a few seasons (some people call them “moon boots”, but I still see the other analogy). Now it’s turn for summer sports.

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    Bonduelle contest results

    by Kseniia
    I was honestly doing my best not to fell into some kind of summer comma. Bu I failed:) So to chose pictures for the recipes you’ve send me in Bonduelle contest and to post them in time appeared to be impossible for me. But it was unfair enough from me to enjoy Bonduelle dishes at "Picnic "Afisha", while you were still waiting for the results, so I just can’t torture you anymore:)
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    Moscow City Racing 2014

    by Kseniia

    Last time I visited Moscow City Racing was about five years ago. And all I can remember now is how much over tanned I became afterwards. Even the other sides of knees hurted! Let me tell you everything in details:) We were studying at journalism faculty back then and there was no chance for blocked Moscow center, overwhelmed with police and dogs or told to be up the “Moscow” hotel snipers to frighten us. Somehow we managed to get into the faculty yard, climbed over the giant plants water barrel and spent no less than 5 over super hot hours there.

  • Пару дней назад нами овладела ностальгия по Америке и американским гастрономическим радостям. Их у нас было несколько: шоколадный сироп Hershey’s, мандариновые желешки в форме колечек и, конечно, претцели. Америка просто больна этими крендельками, их популярность не смогли поколебать даже повальное увлечение спортом, здоровой пищей и whole foods супермаркеты в соседних от кондитерских дверях.

  • A-ah, it was the longest day I ever had! When I’m so much fancy to show you something but forced to work and to study till late at night instead, it kind of feels like a torture. And what exactly I wanted to share is our new super-summer and super-sunny video. Alesha yet never was so creative in what he’s been doing, agree? Personally I can hardly find a good reason to watch it once more now. Even my cat had seen it already. 🙂 Twice.

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