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#TSJgopro chronicles. Issue 1

by Kseniia

Since we bought go pro camera, our life will never be the same again. Just kidding, the only thing that really changed is the forshortening of the photos:) Everything else remains the same, so much the same that we constantly forget pur camera at home or forget to take pictures with it – like we never had it! But anyway, when everything goes good, we receive funny and interesting shots

That is why we decided to share them with you. Some of them you have seen already (in Instagram with the hashtag #TSJgopro), and some of them are truly exclusive. So, what was our July all about?

To be honest, in my case that is probably what was my food in July all about:) But check it yourself now!

1. See that yellow door? There is an office of the Centro PR=company behind. And that was definitely the place I visited more often than my job at the beginning of the month. Seriosly:) We were choosing shoes for our video-project (the first videos you have already seen here and here) and it was quite a long process. But I like it there anyway, such a nice place!

2. Heading to the ROXY shooting (it was published here, in case you missed)/ I have no idea why I always take so much clothes when I know that I will be provided with them!

3. It was REALLY unexpected! Suddenly all the lights switched off at the store. But I was impressed by how easily Sasha, PR-manager of the brand, found everything I needed.

4. No make up morning is finished!

5. Alesha at work

6. Some new stuff:) You will see us wearing it yet!

7. Who works good, eats good. Finally visited Fresh restaurant. So sad Alesha is not a fun of such kind vegan and almost raw food. I enjoyed it a lot, but hardly will ever come again. If only with other people:)

8. Here goes Mr.Big Eyes.

9. No comments:)

10. The day I felt like a star. My hair are being done before my workshop on Fruit Vibrations festival. Though I didn’t quite liked the final result, the process was exciting.

11. And here is the workshop.

12. What was I saying about food and work? In our team one works and one eats. Guess, who is who:)

13.Our camere went dead after this shot. At least you know I’m doing my best.

14.That one is not mune, honestly:) Alesha is making a new video.

15. My bodybuilder. Went to the gym – hurted an arm. I thought it should work a little different:)

16. Exotic views.

17. Our small breakfast before going to the gym.

18. Sportown:)

19. What I need to tell you is that Alesha is so much lazy! His favorite sport piece is this ball. Even better when you only have to sit above for 30 minutes:).

20. Look in his eyes!!

21. Acuvue finally made my lenses. A person who didn’t even see signs above MKAD couldn’t be happier!

22. I thought I was making a favor going at this races, but turned to like it even more than Alesha:)

23. Let the fun begin.


24. And end:) Now it’s time for work.

25. Pro go pro photographer. Need a set?:)

26. The tastiest lunch of the month! Saya capppuchino and granola with berries and bananas.

27. Waiting for my last German lesson. I already was sure that I’m now the slave of this course and it will never let me go.

28. Morning gymnastics.

29. After the gym. You know what? I have some kind of photogenic hair. They never look so good in real life.

30. And here it is! The day my German is over! Celebrating:)

31. Barmen failed in trying to remember what I eat, so made me apple&apple smoothie. I liked it!

32. Have no idea what was the reason of this picture but I like the colors so let it be!

33. Elle Run and the new Adidas Boost model presentation. Very much loved their running center. So inspiring:)

34. Can you see me&

35. And after the run we went to Vorobiovy Gory for our favorite snack “Teremok”. Sitting at this mini-park we suddenly started to dream about the quite life in a small country town. What the downshifting issues?

36. Second part of the day was all about “Picnic “Afisha”. And I’m holding a fork again:) Think it was a fork for something else besides the fruits in my bag.

37. Hey, you, angry hamster, give us Ksusha back!

38. Dessert time;)

39. Sisters car is so huge you can even dance insude.

40. My family is smart. They realized that the more tasty ingredients I have, the tastier becomes their food.

41. Love the solariun room at Sportown. To get inside you need to ask for qeys at the reception. And then you can close the door and enjoy yourself for a while.

42. Left swimmingpool earlier. Fat old men where trying to make friends with me. Hate it! Relaxing at the most peaceful place in the area. Love how my fitness club is placed!

43. My favorite shot from the pool. That is how Alesha got an idea of a beautiful picture.

44. Strike a pose:)

45. Alesha as a DJ! Pay attention – no more crazy arm’s silhouttes. Our new devise – go pro monopod makes everything so much more comfortable.

46. Visited “O da, eda!” fest. Don;t be fooled by my happy face, my legs hurt already:)

47. Thank God, you can’t see the food here! It’s just me and watermelon juice:)

48. Self portrait.

49. Even I can’t get it!

50. And finally:) Enjoying italian gelatto!

From this point of view it may look like we don’t have friends at all and even my cat stares strangily. Well, perhaps it’s close to reality:)

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