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    I can do it as well! The task

    by Kseniia

    Dear girls-bloggers! Well, and boys, if you want:)

    A few days ago Tanya somehow spontaniously made an interesting suggestion: why not to make posts on one theme in all our blogs? Honestly, when I only posted this idea in my social networks, I wasn’t prepared for such an active reaction. Now I even feel a little jealous I didn’t came up with this idea first:) But never mind! All in all I’m already exited about new massive project! And this time the number of participants is not limited – you can join any time!

    Now I’ll tell the rules and announce the first task.

  • Oh my, I’m just speachless! Everyone keeps asking how was our trip, but I just can’t say anything, cause how, HOW on Earth can I tell about everything we have seen, about all the inspiration, warmth, and willing to do something good, that all the girls gave to us?

    Someday I will surely have to calm down and say something and now here is a small video about our girls and their marvelous cities in a some kind of trailer to what you still have to expect:)

    Don’t forget to choose the max resolution when watching!;)

  • I’m still surprised by how qickly Instagram grew up from “just another social network” to the place where people communicate, promote their business, give promisses and report about the success, inspire others and search for inspiration. Probably, because of being a spot of inspiration for thousands, the most popular accounts today are of those who not only post what is going on in their lives but of those who do it in an artistic, beautiful, creative way.

    I must admit, I follow a lot of accounts fullfilled with the beautiful vegan and healthy food. That is what helps me to stay fit and be creative in the kitchen at the same time. But there is also one really fairy girl in my feed – Nastya Smekhova (@nastya_march), who can not only food (what is not surprisingly any more), but anything around her snap in such an outstanding way, that I myself can only wish to repeat one day. All the travellings, working space, country house and Moscow streets look like postcards. And only with the help of the phone!

    And if you also think about how to improve your Instagram pics, I guess, Nastya’s advice would be really helpful!

  • God, seems like I will never get over those emotions I received during our trip. So much inspiration, warm attitude and shiny eyes were all around us during this 7 000 km’s (ok, 6 800 to be honest. That is exactly how far went our car in 15 days!). And of course, we are so impressed by the attention from bloggers from another cities (we even received requests from Novosibirsk!), from fashion brands, who finally realized there are many more than only Moscow residents in industry:) Now I finally understand what an important and great job we did with all the girls from 10 wonderful, beautiful cities, cities where we all live, were our readers live. We showed everyone how many can be done when BEING TOGETHER! Communicating, helping each other, sharing our experience, success and smiles.

    Today I’m going to tell you about 3 more girls from the Live your Life, Love your City project. Volgograd, Astrakhan and Taganrog are on the way!

  • So much time have passed since our second summer festival video! I wonder where it all gone?:) With me it’s always like this: you make shooting, become excited about how you post it and then…:)

    But anyway today I’mgoing to show you how cool it was at “Picnic “Afisha” this year (though Alesha would probably not agree with me cause he never liked this event). And how cool it was to visit it in right shoes!

  • Ho-o-o-oray! Finally the problem with comments is solved and I can begin with the stories about our mega-trip through Russia. We have already met 6 bloggers and today I’mgoing to introduce you first 4 participants of the Live your Life, Love your City project. The post abouth the cities will be a bit later, so only my beautiful girls today.
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    Czech and Skoda – king size, please!

    by Kseniia

    Gosh, today we survived (and that is the only word to describe it!) the road from Izhevsk to Samara and the only way to get rid of this stress now is to tell you about the Czech highways. Highways where driving 160 km per hour while chatting via the phone, holding snacks with one hand and searching for the cooler radio at the same time is quite a comfortable way of driving.

    The possibility to try this roads I received with an invitation to participate in Skoda bloggers driving experience. And I don’t know now if I ever had cooler trips: first of all, I was driving Skoda Octavia for almost 3 years, secondly last summer I and Alesha travelled between Russian cities on Skoda Yeti, thirdly I was never in Czech before. And after arriving in this country I realized I was the only girl in bloggers group and that somehow makes me be proud of myself.

    We were travelling through Czech for two days. But now I have so much impressions, I can’t even predict how many posts more you will have to read:) But let’s start with the emotions of the first day.

  • BeautyOur works


    by Kseniia

    Do you, girls, remember my post about red lipsticks? Seems like after this love announcement something changed in the universe and red lipsticks are now finding me without any my involvement. Once it was a gift for our editors that no one was fancy about, the other time my partners occasionally send a red perfect one to me instead of the powder we were talking about…

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