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Live your Life, Love your City. Our girls. Part two:)

by Kseniia

God, seems like I will never get over those emotions I received during our trip. So much inspiration, warm attitude and shiny eyes were all around us during this 7 000 km’s (ok, 6 800 to be honest. That is exactly how far went our car in 15 days!). And of course, we are so impressed by the attention from bloggers from another cities (we even received requests from Novosibirsk!), from fashion brands, who finally realized there are many more than only Moscow residents in industry:) Now I finally understand what an important and great job we did with all the girls from 10 wonderful, beautiful cities, cities where we all live, were our readers live. We showed everyone how many can be done when BEING TOGETHER! Communicating, helping each other, sharing our experience, success and smiles.

Today I’m going to tell you about 3 more girls from the Live your Life, Love your City project. Volgograd, Astrakhan and Taganrog are on the way! And you, my dears, don’t dare to stay aside! Follow girls’ blogs and if you have your own blog – join our new, but very friendly and the very best community of those, who “live their lives” and enjoy what they’ve been doing. Contact me in any apropriate for you way, share your ideas and together we will definitely produce something so great that no one in Russia would ever look sarcastic after your words about having blog. Only jealous, may be:)

Alena Elena Strogo

While travelling to Volgograd I was slightly worried, to be honest. And because of several reasons (what is normal for me). First of all we were to shoot at such historical and tragic for Russian history place – at Mamaev kurgan. Could we do everything correct, without loosing the importance and impressiveness of this place on photos? And secondly we were to shoot Alens, who is so jentle and thin, she could have been easily lost aong all those gigantic monuments. But as it always happens, everything was not so hard at work. And that is because of the very possitive energy of our heroine. Alena was definitely a star.
Alena wears: top and shirt American Eagle Outfitters
Do you know, what impressed me the most in our trip? The fact, how much all girls care about their cities, how attentive they are to the history of the place they live in an the place of their cities in history. So every shooting was like a historical excursion for us. And Alena even had a chance to work at panorama-museum “Stalingrad battle”, so she could personaly touch the heroic history of Stalingrad!

Asya Marevskaya

We’ve been following Astrakhan’ beauty blog for a long time. Asya is a model and now more a stylist and photoshoots producer. It’s unbelievable, how easily we bacame friends online not even meeting in real life once. And not surprisingly, the day spend in her city turned to be a constant whirpool of shootings, laughings, tasty food, new names and friends of us both. Do you know that kind of people you can chat with for ages?:)
I’m so in love with Asya’s will to unite people around here. So much like me:) Even in the small town, where there are only few bloggers and brands potentialy to work with, she tries to make something special, to turn everything alive.
Asya wears jeans and pullover American Eagle Outfitters
By the way. I liked Astrakhan a lot! That is such a cosy, coquettish place, absolutely feminine city. Such type of Turgenev woman, if I’m allowed to compare:) Walking through it’s streets with delicate decorations everywhere is a pure pleasure. And by the way we also had one of the most unusual locations here. We travelled to salted see not far from the city. It’a pitty we didn’t have time to ride to Baskunchak – world biggest and the most famous salted sea, so we had to choose the smaller version, located not so far. At first sight, the place looks like a spot full of white tough sand. And the sand is actually the salt:) And as you only dig a little, the water appears form beneath. It believed to be really healing. Well, can’t tell you about it’s healing abilities but it definitely saved us from the heat of almost 40 degrees at the place without any tiny shadow.
Because of the great amount of salt everywhere Astrakhan region has one of the most exotic landscapes we’ve seen from our car windows. That is practicaly a dessert without any plants at all!

Inessa I’M Blog

Attention! THE ONLY fashion blogger in Taganrog. You guys have no idea what it means if you haven’t heard all the stories about the difficulties of being a regional fashion blogger, we’ve heard from girls. Inessa is a real fighter and an outstanding person. To always improve and to keep her inspiration she started to learn taking photos and working in Photoshop (and succeeded in both, obviously), buying new and better equipment. I was so proud (for both of them) to see how she discussed all that boke, aperture and other technologies I have no idea about. Because Alesha also learns everything by himself and the fact that they receiveb a possibility to meet in Taganrog to talk about this, proves that they are moving to success:)
Inessa wears sweater American Eagle Outfitters
We were so exhausted when arrived in Taganrog. But the time spend by the sea, where we went with Inessa was such a pleasure and reloaded our batteries absolutely! It was like in Russian classical literature about Russian resorts where all the guests had nowhere to hurry, where gathering around fontains with healing mineral water and chatting at the banches surrounded by roses. Such a shame that Taganrog doesn’t have a resort status yet. I can predict many interest from the tourists to its incredible views. I hope the situation will improve some day if they only pay a bit more attention to water cleaning at the beaches and some other important stuff.
That is all for now, cause Alesha went to his overnight DJ-trip. How else can we fix our financial situation after the trip (are we the only people who always spend everything they have while travelling? Please, tell me, we are not!). And soon you will meet our girls from Rostov-on-Don, Voronezh and Velikiy Novgorod.

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