Live your life, Love your city. We’re about to start!

by Kseniia

How many times have you been abroad? And traveled in Russia? I’m sure it’s so unfair that Russia is being somehow ignored as a tourist destination by its citizens. While I still think of our last year trip as of the most wonderful even of the year. In order to show you how great our country can be, we collaborated with the best blogers from different cities in a project called Live your life, Love your city.

And tomorrow (I mean – today) it is finally happening!!

But let’s stop with the speeches and turn to emotions:


There are 13 cities, 11 beauties with the blogs you all should definitely read, 15 days on a road and almost 7 000 kilometers ahead.

I still can’t believe that this day has actually came. Now I can say that it took as half a year to get here, cause the idea of the project was born in winter already. Than came the long period of doubts and think overs. I always knew that we never ever did anything so big yet, and that no one in our industry ever did anything like this. And do you know who inspired me and gave me confidense? My dear Julia Zefirova, Sela PR-manager. We with Alesha were once drinking tea at her office right after my trip to Israel with this brand. And I couldn’t be more thankful than for her for making this event real.

But of course the idea was never enough. We still had to find girls in Russian cities who would participate in trying to inspire you and all of us, and partners, who were able to make this project come true. As well as hotels, shootings timing, places… It took us no less than two months. We were sending e-mails, meeting number of people, rebooking and so on.

The most important was to find the title partner. Cause when there is one – there is a project. And I’m so hapy that our main partner this time are our friends – American Eagle Outfitters. With them we have already travelled to America, East Europe. No it’s time for Russia. And our wonderful girls, bloggers from different cities, will not only represent their new collection "ack to school", but show it the way you will never see anywhere else. And they will also represent outstanding places of their cities. Places worth getting up in a morning for a new travel.

And let me keep the most intriguing part – the names of the girls – in a secret for a while. Oh yes, I know:) But you will see the first blogger and the first city tomorrow already. Follow us in Instagram with a hashtag #AEOliveyourlife.

See you at the road!

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