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#programmperfectworld: first results

by Kseniia

A month ago I and Alesha started to attend fitness club. Well, technically he is the only one to actually start, cause I only moved to another club. Going in for sports together was our lifetime dream. So we desided to make something big of it. To make it a programm of improving ourselfs. Of course, first of all it will be about being fit, but we’re also going to improve our eating and lifestyle. And we will show the results here every month.

First of all let me say a couple of words about our new fitness club – Sportown. Situated in a quiet place by a forest where it seems like no one is living at all, this club looks like an elite country club where people can relax and have a rest from the big city rythm. The filling grows even bigger because I don’t walk to the club anymore. Though we only have to ride like for 7 minutes, it’s still a ride!:)

But if talking about the results – they should be honest. Everything started more than perfect – I attended such cool classes as body fit and pump and we visited gym in the mornings. I lost 2 kilos and enjoyed my skinny waist more than anything. But here came the problem. Two problems, actually. The first is the pool, which was closed since the first day we came to the club, but finally it opened. The second problem was my German classes in the evenings that ended and we didn’t have to visit gym only in the mornings any more.

And we ended up cheating… Relaxed swimming instead of running 6 kms in the gym or even staying at home with sweets instead of going to the club. Shame on us! As a result all my lost kilos are here again happily sitting under my butt. Mission failed.

Since Monday our 3 weeks journey finally begins. Details will be revealed later! But it means that there is no reason in promising to be more consistant in gym visits. But I promise I will focus on finally switching into the healthy eating (cause I’m good in breakfasts and lunches and a total looser in dinners now) and running. Many of you know now that I’m really fond of running but I never focused on it enough. One more goal is to learn to wake up earlier. Relaxed mornings devoted to yourself are really priceless and each time I’m not strong enough to wake up half an hour earlier I than regret all the day long. But why to regret when you can make your life better? In my childhood I used to say myself: “It’s just a physical movement. You can do it!”. I counted to 3 and just stepped or said something I wanted. And it always worked! Seems like I was cleverer back than.

In Aleshas case things look a little more good. Since before July he didn’t have any sport at all, every sm now is a result. And they also started to play football with friends every week. I can’t even tell how cool it is! Like in previous ages, when people knew their neighbours and gathered together to play football. But what I like most of all is the fact he is trying to stop smoking. He’s been a smoker for 10 years now and when we only met I tried to convince him that it was so unhealthy and not even a trend anymore. But he told me that he will only stop when he won’t enjoy it anymore. And now it is his own thought over choice. And I can see the results already! Though I’m still dreaming of starting to count “so many days/weeks without smoking”. Hope, it will happen soon!

And now it’s your turn to show your sport situation:)

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