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October 2014

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    Piece of sunshine from Volgograd

    by Kseniia

    People say, it’s going to be warmer outside next week. Up to +10! Well, all I can think about now is -8 this week and that freezing, angry cold, that felt even colder than in February, And so it’s just the time to share this sunny, hot shooting we made in Volgograd this summer. That moment it was just as hot as now it is cold. We are never in a middle of smth:) By the way, where are all my readers from? What kind of wheather is it by your side now?

  • Almost all girls from our summer travel project have already posted their photos, so now it’s just the time to show our favorite shoots. But first of all I want to mention that all the photos were chosen by Alesha as soon as it was meaningless to do it myself. I really love each, cause they are the part of the most important memories.

  • FashionTravel

    Romantic weekend in Verona

    by Kseniia

    Only yesterday we came back from our small honeymoon (ta-daaam!). And today I already forced Alesha to get the first part of photos made there ready. I now can legally do this even if the only reason is not wanting to throw myself into Moscow awful weather when everything I can think about is the prefect, warm and cozy Verona with it’s happy citizens and their dogs. So let the part of it stay not only in our hearts but in our blog as well.

  • Travel

    Magical Russia. View from above

    by Kseniia

    So funny, recently some people commented on Alesha’s photos from New York, that he would never do the same for Russia. If those people only knew about our summer project:) That was so beautiful and important for us, that I can’t wait to share all the wonderful photos, made in this the most unusual, the most memorable and productive trip in the history of The Style Jungle – Live your Life, Love your City.

    Today I’m going to post some photos, made with our new camera – multicopter. I’m always so happy to meet any new gadgets that would help us to capture all the beauty we were lucky enough to see. And on this trip photos personally I can look for ages. Can’t wait to "fly" over other Russian cities. I can hardly imagine how much more there is hidden on these giant territories.

  • Fashion

    What to wear for 2015 New Year? Part I

    by Kseniia

    Since you were asking what was my workshop at “Metropolis” this Saturday about, I decided to re-tell it here. During Fashion Days organized by Marie Claire I spoke about what to wear for the New Year’s Eve. Of course, you might say it’s still to early to think about it, but our team at the magazine is now in the middle of making December issue, so it’s your chance to have a glance at what will be printed in Marie Claire soon.

    2015’s symbol is Goat. Honestly, I was never a fan of all those believes about “the Dragon doesn’t like blue and the Snake loves everything shimmering”, but this year I’m even scared to find out what a Goat might like, so don’t wait anything like that from me today. Instead I’m going to show what is really fashionable, up to date and cool for any situation, no matter if you’re celebrating with family, colleagues or Mr.President.

  • I want to be honest with you. Be ready for several traveling posts in a row. That is how I try to shut my conscience blaming me for the small number of posts brought from different travels up. That is what happened to me after watching our Russian journey with American Eagle Outfitters, my trip to Czech with Skoda and Israel with Sela videos in a row (that is how it always works with me – as I only start, I can never stop). Though being so irresponsible, I still have smth new and interesting to show. 

  • This blog is now about 3 years old, of which the last one was not only like having hobby, but a job, with it’s plans, targets and earnings. But you probably have no idea how many times I wanted to quit, suffering without development. But as you can see we are still here, dreaming, making, hoping. Not always successfully, but always from our hearts and wanting at least one person on Earth to smile.

    What motivates us?

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