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Live your Life, Love your City: those, who inspire me

by Kseniia

This blog is now about 3 years old, of which the last one was not only like having hobby, but a job, with it’s plans, targets and earnings. But you probably have no idea how many times I wanted to quit, suffering without development. But as you can see we are still here, dreaming, making, hoping. Not always successfully, but always from our hearts and wanting at least one person on Earth to smile.

What motivates us? I’m probably about to say the foolest thing making me look like I’m pretendint to be a better person, but believe me – it’s true.

My colleagues success is smth that is really important, inspiring and motivating. Just don’t think I’m jealous or something, I always wanted those near me to have what I have. It was like that at school, in University and now. Now I quite realize that thinking over and doing something useful for other bloggers makes me the most active, happy and hardworking.
To be honest, I still eager to cry when I only read posts by Live your Live, Love your City project girls, all those kind words… Last month I’ve been quite cool to my blog, but remembering the period of preparing this project and traveling, I understand that that was the time I could do anything, I was so focused and willing to provide my girls with everything best – from gifts to PR via different sources.
My biggest dream is to see, how once Russian bloggers will be as well-known and professional as foreign and any my attempts to make this moment closer are the work I do the most willingly and successfully comparing to any other. Each time I see one blogger going towards beautiful pics, receiving new partner or starting new original project, I feel incredibly proud and motivated.
So girls, keep on doing this and inspiring me!

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