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Riga Fashion Week. Last season

by Kseniia

New season of Riga Fashion Week has just started. Sadly, I’m not there this time due to my job. But I’m happy to announce that my lovely Masha and Yana are covering it, so I at least can follow them. And in order not to feel such an outsider, I decided to show you this small video about our last season. Can you imagine, how hard it was to fit all that wonderful 5 days in a small video?:) Hope we managed to do it.

НRiga Fashion Week is always something incredible. There is no more places on Earth with such atmosphere. So much solidarity and hoping for future is concentrated here! We can really relax. Not in a physical way, cause there is always so much to be done in Riga, but mentally. It’s like coming home from a long, difficult day and drinking hot chocolate while sitting in a cosy blanket. Our trips to Riga were (and I hope yet would be!) like a reward for everything we worked at during the last half of the year. Like a medal at the end of a marathon. е

And it’s also such a pleasure to follow local designers. Do you know what makes them so special? They are stable. They neber switch styles or brand phylosophy cardinaly. They are remarkable in their personal styles. And they are not about being to much. Don’t get me wrong, you can meet different designers everywhere, but I’m definitely talking about the main part now. So most of them are really discreet and laconic in colors and silhouttes. Each piece the produce is wearable and perfectin its simplicity. And I’m such a fan of this:)

So,enjoy your watch of the Eastern Europe style and atmosphere!

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