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May 2017

  • New Zealand for foreigners is not the same country as we see it from the inside. Tell European you grow kangaroos in your backyard because it is always summer in here, trust me, people would most probably believe you! The only correct thing everyone heard about New Zealand is that “The Lord of the Rings” was filmed here and that we have Hobbiton. Definitely, Hobbiton is not only the most popular sight, but also the most well-known place in the country.

  • Do you remember that cool headpiece I was wearing in Coromandel? Most of all I value it not because of its attracting attention design or an ability to pull attention away from my a tiny little bit too huge cheeks. I love it because it was created by my talented friend Anna Baturina and her equally talented (and even more hard-working, as you will also find out soon) mum. Together they are designing such an extraordinary things! Ho do you like a dish full of pasta to begin with? Or a duck that flitters when you move? The only problem is you can only wear those headpieces if you’re a close friend of Anna (others just won’t find a single store!) and I doubt they even have a brand name or a logo… I keep on asking her – why is your hobby still not a business? Time to answer in front of all of you!

  • New York City is definitely one of the most desired tourists’ destinations on Earth! Also known as Big Apple, this beautiful city can steal your heart forever as well as make you wanna run out of there as soon as possible. We have visited New York twice and spent over 4 months there in total. And yet do we dream about coming back! Isn’t it a good reason to check out our New York City guide before going to this City of Big Dreams?

  • When you meet one of Mini cars, it’s like you meet your old friend. You want to ask: “How are you?”, because you understand that a lot of things changed from your last meeting. But you still have a lot of good memories to share. Because we were travelling together across beautiful wineries in Krasnodar Regionexploring traditional handicrafts of Moscow Region in Russia. And that time was awesome because we were together. This new Mini Cooper S Convertible 2017 is like your old friend who still looks very stylish and fast.

  • We all have moments like that. Moments, when you are trapped in a daily routine, lacking inspiration and unable to do what you love and really want to. There is nothing bad about those moments – we are ambitious human beings, tending to ignore rest and relaxation on our way to the top. Though we all definitely need it sometimes! When Alex and I realised we have no more energy to keep the pace, we knew it was time to recharge our batteries. And what can be better than a good old road trip? Well, technically it wasn’t even a road trip – just about 1.5 hour drive from Tauranga to the neighborhood region Coromandel. But Gosh, how awesome it was! Only two days and we felt refreshed and energised once again. And here is our plan for a perfect escape to Coromandel.

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