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  • One more very special and incredible place we had a chance to visit in New York City is Shopbop online-store office. It is placed on the two upper levels of the skyscrapper right at the centre of Manhattan. And of course, they also have their own roof terrace, where you can have lunch, meeting or just enjoy outstanding city views. Can there be anything more glossy and perfect in NY? I don’t know, I’ve never seen it:)

  • А есть у вас какая-то такая вещь, фото, дело, событие, которое вроде бы и очень важное, но по каким-то причинам мир о нем до сих пор не знает? Давайте, вы мне все это сейчас расскажете и покажете в комментариях, ведь я тоже собираюсь поделиться с вами практически исторической реликвией – публикацией, подготовленной еще в марте! Пришло время доставать своих красивых и успешных скелетов из шкафов:)

  • What I love Latvian design for is that unbanal approach for banal pieces. Seriously, you can often see such a basic looks at Riga fashion week shows, that they may seem way too simple even for those who only chose clothes according to theirs comfort and fade stage. But it takes only few model steps to find out that there are a lot of secrets hidden from the first view. Unique stitching, perforation seen only from a clother view or scales or any other feature. Something that makes us call this piece “designer” and not an ordinary. It also can be assymetric cuts on skirts, original coat collar or whatever. I should also mention that this details are usually all about breaking the dress-code or proportions. There is a real riot underneath this classic smart style! If I only had to characterize Latvian fashion with only two words, it would be “messy chic”.

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    Riga fashion week. Day 3

    by Kseniia

    Я наконец-то возвращаюсь к вам с хрониками нашей поездки в Ригу (обратили внимание, что стоило нам вернуться в Москву, как что-то пошло не так и обновления в блоге стали появляться реже?:) ). И пока мы только добрались до третьего дня, впереди еще много интересного! Но "экватор" недели моды стал для нас особенным, полным "местного" настроения. Посещение шоу-рума латвийских дизайнеров, наш любимый традиционный (и традиционно божественный!) десерт в Le Dome, прогулка по самым любимым местам исторического центра и, конечно, показы.

  • Due to all the travelling preparings we didn’t have enought time to visit Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia this season. The only exception was Mariano di Vaio blog talk I was hosting and a couple of fashion shows by my beloved or new for me designers. One from the last group is Zalina Verkhovskaya, the season’s debutant. I’m always curious about totally new collections, which you can’t have any pre-opinion about yet. It’s better to formulate it yourself, isn’t it? Hope you also like to find new interesting names, cause we prepared special video coverage for you. This day was kind of crazy, but very emotional and magical anyway.
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    Riga Fashion Week.Day 2

    by Kseniia
    Second day of Riga Fashion Week started with show-room Madam Bonbon presentation. This one is such a conceptual place! May be even way too conceptual:) Seriosly! Seeing shoes on a luxurious bed or even in bathroom during the presentation may be funny, but can you imagine yourself buying clothes at such place? I can hardly imagine stepping on a toiled to reach 50% discounted pair of shoes.:) But the atmosphere is definitely perfect there! That is why we’ve spend there so much time, chatting with guests and designers, taking pictures…
  • There are not that many places in the world where we can feel like home while doing our job. And Riga is one of them. We are here now for our third fashion week but for the first time representing only our blog and I couldn’t be more proud! Though we have missed previous season, I still feel like we were here a few days ago. And mostly because of the friendly people we always meet here. Just imagine, Riga Fashion Week celebrates it’s 20st season and some of people are working here since the very first fashion show! Isn’t it crazy? I can’t believe it’s true, cause Moscow fashion week crew changes each season:)

  • Since I’ve made friends with Fashion2Customer show-room a couple of years ago I somehow started to change my style. Not on purpose, it just couldn’t happen other way, cause their collections inspire me for more informal, casual, city style. I hardly ever left this show-room without some new pieces and my favorite outfit I even posted in blog.

    And every season I fall in love with ICHI and Blend She – Danish brands of this show-room – style even more. And I’m sooo happy to see them responding:) Of course, our friendship was an inspiration for this post, where I’m choosing and showing you my favorite pieces from new collections.

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