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How do they do it: Shopbop office

by Kseniia

One more very special and incredible place we had a chance to visit in New York City is Shopbop online-store office. It is placed on the two upper levels of the skyscrapper right at the centre of Manhattan. And of course, they also have their own roof terrace, where you can have lunch, meeting or just enjoy outstanding city views. Can there be anything more glossy and perfect in NY? I don’t know, I’ve never seen it:)

The first thing to notice was how young Shopbop team actually is! All the girls looked so stylish dressed in high heels (except for the barefooted girl picking up lunch delivery at the reception) and perfect clothes (I wonder if the have special discounts?). And as if it was not enough to start hating my own ordinary life, they were surfing from the room full of wonderful shoes to the room filled with even more wonderful accessories (placed in front of the window – with the perfect NYC view, as you might have already understood) – preparing outfits for the next shooting.

Well, that was, of cource, just the outside view:) And from inside it’s not that easy and glossy at all. Shopbop stylists explained us that they have shootings every day, week and month – from the tiny trends to epic lookbooks. Non stop! Can you imagine that? So they definitely have no time for being bored:)

Along with the creative crew there are also buyers, head managers and other people crowding on this two floors. It goes without saying that the team now feels a little tight. And I hope I’m not going to spread the great secret, but they are getting ready to make their office a little bigger now! So me and Alesha are now waiting for a chance to show you new, even bigger Shopbop!

No one could take me away from summer maxi dresses. 🙂

P.S. At the very last moment I couldn’t resist but to ask how on Earth can Shopbop prices be lower than those in the shops. That is because while online shopping, you don’t pay taxes! And I couldn’t figure it out myself:) But that means, my dear girls, we have no other choice but to shop! Cause there won’t be a better chance:)

Rebecca Minkoff bags made me notice the price differences.

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