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Riga Fashion Week: final day

by Kseniia
I now feel like Riga Fashion Week was ages ago. But that still doesn’t allow me not to show you some photos of the new collection by my love Alexandra Westfal. You will definitely like it! Cause that is the perfect wardrobe for the modern girl: outstanding, active businesswoman who travels a lot. By the way, that collection was even born during the flight! That is why you can see the printed sky in some details.
I have special attitude to Sasha’s works not because they are so close to my personal fashion aesthetics, but as well because I had a chance to see all her development from the very beginning – we were at her first show a couple of seasons ago. This time we have not only visited her in a Latvian designers showroom, but also at the backstage.

One more important show of the last Riga Fashion Week day for us was Pohjanheimo (interview with the designer you have already seen in blog). Do you remember I once told, that Riga Fashion Week was becoming stronger in shows every day? Not surprisingly, brand with such concept, history and power was one of the closing this year.

So, you can now look, enjoy and choose your favorite outfits and details. Will wait for your comments!

Alexandra Westfal

Baiba Ladiga

My another favorite. Easy playful clothes for the streetstyle icons. At the off-business days I want to look exactly like that. Well, may be just without the head accessories and with little more comfortable shoes. 🙂

Red Salt

Alexander Pavlov

I will probably never understand what the aim of such designers is. And of such shows: long, borring, with around 100 outfits with the same and far from genious coat and the cheap show elements. But as far as I decided to show you all the designers…:)


Trying to use the pause before the last day shows properly, we went with Alesha to the center of the city. But as it somehow always happens in Latvia, our meant to be walk turned into the food huricaine I was afraid never to escape from:) We started right at the Dome square, at the historical restaurant “Key to Riga” with authentic interiors, authentic waiters and unbelievably unrepeatable menu. You just have to trust me that it was very funny, cause I now can’t remember any names. We have ordered so many dishes, they could hardly fit the table. And as it always happens when we’re talking about traditional Latvian food – we overate after trying only two tablespoons.

But is there right time to stop if you’re in a food country? In five minutes after leaving restaurant we gave up and went to buy coffee, cause every single person was walking by with a cup of coffee, hurrying up for the modern life in this old town.

Satisfied with coffee break before the photoshoot we then ended up in a tiny but incredibly tasty bakery right after it.

And that was the day I understood how much I love Riga. Its friendly atmosphere allowing you to feel fine with all your small weaknesses, its sunny mood even during rainy days and this wonderful union of old and new I’ve never seen anywhere else.

Photos by: Alexey Trojan Spodyneyko (#TSJproduction)

I’m wearing:

Shoes: Vicini for Centro
Vest: Diego M
Top, jeans and bag: Motivi
Bracelets: Sela, Imagine Italia

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